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Who Is Flash Thompson In The Tom Holland Spider-Man Trilogy In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Flash Thompson

Eugenie “Flash” Thompson is the school bully at Midtown School of Science and Technology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His frequent targets are Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, though he profoundly loves Parker’s superhero alter ego Spider-Man. Played by Tony Revolori, Flash is more than just a background character.

He plays a recurring role in each Tom Holland Spider-Man film, where he fanboys over the superhero. However, when the entire learns that Peter is Spider-Man, Flash does everything he can to make the world think he’s best friends with his rival. He is accepted into MIT and uses this privilege to get Ned and Peter’s girlfriend, Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson, admitted, as they had been rejected because of their association with Peter.

What We Know About Flash’s History In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Flash was born to wealthy parents who didn’t pay him much attention. Due to this neglect, he likely bullied Peter and Ned, as they were probably more intelligent than he was. Though, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t smart. He attended Midtown School, where a lot of intelligent people went.

He was also on the Decathlon team with Peter, Ned and MJ, where he did little to no work. So, it makes us wonder whether he was forced to do it or whether his parents paid for him to be there.

During the Euro trip in Far From Home, Flash is seen live-vlogging the journey throughout the film in an attempt to be a world-class influencer.

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