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Looks Like The Tig Is Coming Back…


Could Meghan Markle be any more predictable? For the last few years, it has been mentioned that she wants to bring back her blog, The Tig. Well, guess what? The Mirror reports that this could be a reality within the next week. This comes after she and her husband, Prince Harry, achieved a so-called victory by giving their children, Archie and Lilibet, the titles of Prince and Princess, despite slamming the British monarchy multiple times. The wayward prince told Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast a couple of years ago that his wife told him:

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Meghan claimed to Oprah Winfrey that she didn’t care about titles and that the greatest one she had was “mom.” Okay, so why did you lie and claim that having a title is toxic? We digest.

Anyway, the Duchess of Narsussex made a video addressing the Tig stuff, and boy was she on point. She makes the point that the kids finally having titles means that Meghan has the opportunity to do what she has always wanted; merch the children for profit. Well, it seems, too, that she favours Lili over Archie. Why? Because she’s the daughter she’s always wanted.

Meghan Loves Herself Too Much

It’s not a secret that Meghan did an interview before she even met Harry where she spoke about giving the Cartier Tank Watch she bought herself after Suits was renewed for a new season to her future daughter. This was mentioned in a now-defunct article by Hello Magazine in 2015. Hitc quotes Meghan from the Hello article. However, it comes with one weird thing. The watch is engraved with “To MM From MM.”


Not sure how Lili will feel about that in years to come, but whatever.

So, going back to the blog sitch, there is no doubt that Meghan will try to rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Ah, yeah. She tried that and failed. At least people actually like Gwyneth. Sure, she has Vagina scented candles and perfumes and, of course, those jade eggs, but she doesn’t treat her staff like garbage.

Also, no one knew about The Tig until after she shut it down. Also, her supposed 3 million followers on Instagram were likely bought. Some of them might’ve been real, but given the account has been deactivated, we can’t run it through a program to see which percentage of her followers were real.

Reviving The Tig Was Predictable

What makes Meghan’s blog move so predictable is that her PR team put out small clues. So anyone following her and Harry’s BS will know she is trying to create hype. If this was any other celebrity, it might be a good thing. But other stars know when to give up. The Sussexes don’t.

It’s not “hustle” by any stretch of the imagination. All they care about is money. Spotify has not renewed Archetypes for Season 2. Also, the only other Netflix project coming out is The Heart of Invictus, which will now have old footage from last year’s event. No one else is giving them deals, and it has been rumoured that the staff at BetterUp, cannot stand Harry.

In another article, we’ll cover what could be on this revived Tig blog.

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