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The Bold And The Beautiful: In Ridge’s Ultimate Fantasy World, Steffy Would Be With Liam

We’ve seen Thomas live in his own fantasy world, but he’s sick. His father, however, seems to have a way of thinking and he doesn’t bother to hide it.

The Forresters are all about the high life. Fabulous outfits. Money. Glamorous people. However, the same cannot be said for the individuals who end up as their significant others. Ridge thinks the sun shines out of his children, Thomas and Steffy’s asses. Yes, we know they’re fictional characters but it irks us because stuff like this can happen in reality. Anyway, the favourite son of Eric lives in a fantasy world that puts Tommy Boy’s recent hallucinations of evil Hope mannequins to shame.

Ridge just doesn’t know when it quit. He thinks that his fantasy world of having his children with the ‘loves of their lives’ should happen. The issue is, that the target of their affection is with someone else. Yep, we’re talking about the Steffy/Liam/Hope and the Liam/Hope/Thomas situations. What would happen if Spencer asked his rival to raise his kids for him?

There’s so much that we wanna say when it comes to this dilemma so grab a drink and a snack because this is going to be a long one.

Does Ridge Really Hate Hope That Much?

Hope is Brooke’s daughter with former son-in-law, Deacon Sharpe. However, Ridge all but raised her as his own. At one point, she even called him ‘dad’. Though, things changed and she started to refer to him by his name.

Ridge has always put his own children – mostly Steffy – ahead of anyone else. It’s unclear if he does it subconsciously or not, but it’s evident that he treats his only surviving daughter as a princess. Whether this has anything to do with his other daughter, Phoebe’s death all those years ago is, again, uncertain.

It has always irked us that whenever Steffy does something terrible like stealing another woman’s man, she doesn’t get punished. Perhaps she too lives in her own fantasy world where she cannot be held accountable for anything. Look at what’s happening currently. She slept with Liam after they got drunk and she wants to keep the whole thing under wraps because she doesn’t want to lose Finn. In other words, he’s her Plan B since she cannot have her ex-husband.

For Ridge, he thinks that Steffy is happiest with Liam given she cannot bring herself to take down that bloody picture from her wall. In his fantasy world, Spencer is the perfect man for his precious daughter and he is also the father of her child. Let’s not forget Ridge also wanted to cancel Hope for the Future, likely because it reminded him of Brooke.

Does Ridge think for a second how his thought would affect Hope? Of course not. He might claim to care about her because she’s his wife’s daughter, but he doesn’t. Not really. He also doesn’t try to hide it. He even questions Steffy at the hospital Thomas is being examined where her loyalties lay. We understand why she’d be annoyed.

Ridge’s Fantasy World: Better Or Worse Than Thomas’s?

Now, let’s get to the gritty stuff. Whose fantasy world is worse? Ridge’s or Thomas’? Can we say… both? Okay, we’re going to confess something here. Eric’s favourite son should have realised years ago that he is not a Forrester by blood. He is a Marone which is a fact his half-brother Thorne has to point out every single time he is in town.

As far as Ridge is concerned, his fantasy world is reality or at least, it should be. Steffy is never in the wrong and neither is Thomas. There is always some excuse made by the father-of-four to excuse their behaviour. Here’s a few examples for Tommy boy:

  • He’s a young man who made a bad decision
  • There’s nothing wrong with him
  • He’s changed and is doing what is best for his son

We’re not even going to go over Steffy because she is so entitled to everything, including Hope’s husband.

Thomas had a reason to create his own fantasy world; he was mentally unwell. Ridge, however, doesn’t have the same luxury. He is just entitled. Honestly, we give props to Thorsten Kaye for being an absolute good sport and for having to deal with having to play up Ridge’s entitlement.

What Ridge’s Fantasy World Would Actually Look Like

In Ridge’s eyes, or rather, his fantasy world this is what it would look like:

He and Brooke would be married and Steffy would be happily married to Liam and they would be parents to Kelly and Phoebe (really Beth). Thomas, on the other hand, would be married to the ‘love of his life’, Hope and they would be raising Douglas together. No one would know who the baby actually belongs to.

As much as we know he loves Brooke, he probably thinks that in this fantasy world, she would not question everything. This would include Thomas’ motives for Hope and for the way he treats Douglas. He’d probably also like it if she wasn’t a Lope supporter.

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