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Belle Gibson’s Partner, Clive Rothwell, Is Seen With ANOTHER Woman While Filming Begins On A New Netflix Drama

Clive Rothwell

Belle Gibson’s life is going from bad to worse as her partner, Clive Rothwell, has reportedly left her. According to The Daily Mail, Clive has been seen out and about with another woman. He has also, allegedly moved out of their home and into another place elsewhere.

Clive Rothwell, reportedly, was an honorary ‘stepfather’ to Gibson’s young son. He was also described as Belle’s ‘housemate.’ It is unclear who this woman is, but one thing is clear. Clive is most definitely ‘long suffering’. He even took Belle and her son on a month-long holiday to Africa in 2019. He has also been dubbed various times as Belle’s ‘housemate.’

Belle nor her son have been seen at Rothwell’s apartment, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Gibson and Clive are no longer together.

The Belle Gibson Netflix Drama Series

To make the situation worse for Belle Gibson and her cancer con job, filming started in Melbourne on a Netflix drama series centring on the crime that bamboozled the world. It will star American actress Kaitlyn Dever, best known for her role in Dopesick and Rosaline. The series currently has no title, except is going under the production name of Apple Cider Vinegar, as per Today Tonight.

However, it is unclear why an Australian actress isn’t playing Belle. The Netflix series will debut next year, but it is currently unclear when it will happen. This is also one of two projects in the pipeline about Gibson. The second will be a documentary told via ‘her voice’, meaning old social media posts from those she swindled.

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