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Cut The Puff Pieces! Meghan Markle Doesn’t Care About Kate Middleton To Issue ‘The Olive Branch’ – OPINION

Olive Branch

We all know how much Meghan Markle despises Kate Middleton, better known as Catherine, The Princess of Wales. The former actress has hated her now-sister-in-law since before they even met. See her Tig Talk post on Princess Alia Al-Senussi, for details. Though, she does love puff pieces. Oh, and the olive branches that allegedly have been put out a million times. This time, it’s put out in Yahoo! News.

In Meghan’s woke mind, Catherine (not Kate), should be curtsying to her, not the other way around. So, why would she have multiple puff pieces put out saying that she has been offering the future Queen an ‘olive branch’?

Anyone who has been following this stupid drama for the last how many years will know Meghan doesn’t apologise. She wants people to kiss her behind and expects those who have allegedly wronged her to apologise when there is nothing to apologise for.

The Daddy Example

One example of this is her dad. No matter how many times Thomas Markle tries to reconcile with his daughter, she won’t hear it and ignores him. Yet, she calls the paps all the time when he did it one time. The reason he talks to the media is because she won’t listen or contact him otherwise.

Also, what is she going to do when he passes? Will she put out a BS statement of how much she loved her ‘daddy’ as she did with her uncle who died while she was pregnant? We believe it was Michael Markle as it wasn’t Joseph Johnson, as his wife said she got no condolences from their niece.

Meghan Would Never Issue Olive Branches To Catherine Because She Wants Her Life

Returning to Catherine, Meghan wants her life. She wants to be married to the heir to the throne. Be like Diana was as the Princess of Wales. This could explain the rumour that was going around about the co-Prince of Wales and co-King thing.

We believe that Harry ranted to Meghan that he feared being “hung out to dry” once George and Charlotte (Louis wasn’t born then) were old enough to make an impact.

George And Charlotte Have More Respect Than Meghan

Well, the two eldest of William’s children have been making a dent in the royal world in their way. George and Charlotte are model children who know how to behave in public. They’ve accomplished manners in ways their Aunt Meghan was confused by. For example, being respectful during the national anthem on more than one occasion.

Meghan doesn’t respect any country’s national anthem. Look at how disrespectful she was when the British anthem played, and Harry told her to “turn around.” Another example was at a Canadian hockey game. Meghan smirked as an autistic woman sang the national anthem.

Catherine and William have also taught their children when to bow their heads in respect. We believe that Meghan is jealous of how ‘perfect’ Waleses appear to be. It might look that way, but it took time to teach George, Charlotte and Louis. It didn’t happen overnight.

No Multiple Nannies And Meghan Sees Catherine As ‘Perfect’

Also, the kids’ lives aren’t controlled by multiple nannies. They have one nanny who helps with the children. Nanny Maria is not there to be their mother. She is there to watch over them in the absence of their parents and has been with the family since George was a baby.

Meghan envies that Catherine is so well-loved by the people of Britain. They didn’t fall in love with the then-Duchess of Cambridge instantly. It took time for the people to warm to Catherine.

From everything we’ve read in Tom Bower’s Revenge, Meghan was thought to be a fake, by some of her classmates. Why, you might be asking? Because she oozed perfection.

Even the sanest person knows there is no such thing as perfection. Meghan believes that Catherine can never put a foot out of line. Oh, and she hates her because Kate refused to allegedly go shopping with her and become besties. Thinking back on it, Markle would not want to be friends with someone she wants to deem to be her rival.

Catherine, at the time of Meghan’s arrival on the scene, had two toddlers and a baby on the way. She had too much on her plate and could see how much trouble Markle was. After all, the staff were beginning to sense blood in the water and were being bullied by the Sussexes even after Prince Louis’ arrival and ‘the spectacle’ of a wedding.

The American Card And Breaking Harry’s Bond With Catherine

Meghan thought that being cruel to her staff was an American thing and the Brits were the same. No, her constant use of the “I’m a brash American” thing didn’t do her any favours. Also, the royal family were weary of her, especially after the turmoil caused by another American royal, Wallis Simpson.

Catherine wasn’t around during the Wallis Simpson era, but she would have smelled a rat almost immediately with Meghan. She had known Harry a long time and would’ve backed William in his concerns. Kate saw Harry as another brother. He saw her as the big sister he never had. His words, of course.

Also, Catherine’s concerns had nothing to do with William being her husband. She had her relationship with Harry outside of the trio they’d formed. Kate could see that Meghan was changing her brother-in-law for the worst and she was powerless to stop it. He was also the paternal uncle to her children.

Now, thanks to the former actress, George, Charlotte and Louis have no relationship with their uncle or cousins, Archie and Lilibet. It’s possible also that Meghan is envious of how close her husband and Catherine were and sowed the seeds of mistrust to break the bond.

Constant Victimhood

Meghan needed to play the victim for Harry to break his connection to Catherine. She used the “H, she didn’t go shopping with me” the “She’s not supporting me” and especially the “she’s racist for questioning what our child will look like” cards.

She also had to twist the bridesmaids dress story to get people to believe her over Catherine. However, Meghan’s attempt didn’t work as Camilla Tominey who wrote the original story has denied Markle’s version of events.

Also, the only people who believe Meghan are her followers who see her as an angel who comes to Earth to reap vengeance on anyone who ‘tears’ her down. They would believe her even if she claimed the sky was pink.

Why Catherine Would Never Accept An Olive Branch From Meghan

Why would Catherine accept any form of ‘olive branch’ from Meghan Markle? After all, the woman is an alleged cruel bully, especially to young Princess Charlotte and the Waleses’ staff.

There are rumours where it is said that Meghan didn’t want George or Charlotte at the wedding party. The Queen said they had to be as it was a tradition. If this story is true, then it wouldn’t be surprising. Meghan hates everything about the Waleses. She hates that they’re beloved and she’s hated.

Catherine and William had to carve out their place even though they knew they would end up on the throne. They accepted their instant fate long ago. They kept their heads down and got on with it, even if the feedback was negative. The public came to respect them because they didn’t attempt to fight the system. Meghan, however, wanted every piece of negativity, corrected.

Even everyday people know that negativity is quashed if you say nothing. Meghan didn’t understand this and likely never would.

Catherine understands that adding fuel to the fire will only spark more issues.

A Simple Saying Goes A Long Way

It was the late Queen Mother who had a simple, yet effective philosophy; Never complain, never explain. She was right. Meghan wanted to throw out the rule book and go to war with the press. Harry allowed her to run riot with this because he hates the media with a burning passion, claiming it was the British media who killed his mother that night in Paris in late August 1997.

William, despite being protective over his wife, knows that the paparazzi culture today is much different to when he was growing up. He saw what Catherine endured. But also understood that every royal woman goes through the same drama with the press. He doesn’t run to the media and scream, “Leave my wife alone.” He knows that will only make it worse.

Harry, meanwhile, claims he is protecting Meghan when he couldn’t do the same for Diana. However, he fails to understand that his beloved wife, is the one usually calling the paps on herself.

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