Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: The Final Comeuppance


Under that stoic face is a feeling mixed with upset. As Prince Harry, stripped of his dignity, and his wife Meghan Markle, dressed like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s wannabe groupie, walked into Saint Paul’s, the crowds threw a flood of hate. Their comeuppance was swift as the onlookers either cheered or booed, depending on what team they were on.

The Sussex Squad claim that there was no booing, despite video footage showing otherwise. Okay, whatever you think, Sussex cultists. Harry and Meghan’s comeuppance could not come at the worst time. But, as Maureen Callahan rightly points out in her New York Post column, they deserved the boos. After making unsubstantiated claims of racism and all but insinuating that the palace wanted the former actress to commit suicide, they need to be shown how the public in the UK feels about them.

Would Meghan care? No. She cares about her massive paycheck from Netflix and what will happen if she doesn’t deliver the goods. She’s already coping with it for not contacting her ailing father, who has done nothing to her. But then, we have Harry. His face during the church service speaks volumes about his thoughts on the UK public giving him and Meghan their comeuppance.

Did he genuinely think that the world was stupid enough to forget everything he has said against his family in the last year since the Oprah interview? He is emotionally damaged. He has been for a long time. In an interview, one of his ex-girlfriends once said that he was paranoid of the paparazzi being there. His family is giving him a wide berth as they don’t want to get involved with his and Meghan’s nonsense. This was apparent during the service. The Sussexes and the Cambridges were seated on opposite sides.

Heavy Head That Wears The Comeuppance Crown

Harry’s frail mind is easy to spot from the scowls and plain unhappiness on his face every time he’s out in public with his wife. But, of course, he’s happiest away from her, as seen when he’s on the polo field with his pal, Nacho.

The boos symbolise to Harry that he gave up more than he bargained for and that Meghan’s pitch to him wasn’t what it cracked up to be. She hammed it up to make it look like they would make millions and be loved because of their connection to the British monarchy. In other words, Markle told him they were better than William and Catherine and that she would guide him through Hollywood because of her half-baked contact list.

However, her so-called didn’t even know her. For example, Meghan has no ties to George and Amal Clooney, and they ended up on the wedding guest list. Remember when one of Harry’s godmothers asked how they knew the Sussexes, and they laughed and said they didn’t? That’s how far Markle will go.

Anyway, that brings me back to Harry. He thought they would show up in the UK and be loved like before. He probably didn’t expect the booing. This is perhaps one of the reasons he wanted all that additional security. Oh, and the tomato throwing thing was bought up by three prolific YouTubers.

Harry doesn’t understand that people dislike him because of his and Meghan’s strain on his entire family. How would he feel if someone were to call him out for racism from his family? We know he was notorious for making racist gaffes during his time in the army.

Being Out Of The Spotlight Must Be Killing Meghan’s Ego

Let’s jump back to Meghan. Being the narcissist she is, being out of the spotlight will burn her enormous ego. She cried racism in front of millions of people, and now she is being forced to the same level as the non-working royals’ children. Now, I’m not saying that to be horrible towards the kids. What I mean is that the highest and grandest point to be at Buckingham Palace is on the balcony alongside the Queen. Markle believes she is as powerful and as mighty as the woman she and Harry believe has caused generational harm for not being a good parent.

However, the Sussexes lost the right to not be on the balcony when they jumped ship to Canada. Not to mention, Netflix wants all the juicy insider gossip from the Jubilee. For example, it has been speculated that Meghan was wired during the church service her Nurse Ratched inspired dress seemed to make an odd shape near the breast area.

Also, the back of the dress would be the perfect place to hide wiring if necessary. Oh, and I noticed the dress is reminiscent of some of Catherine’s coat dresses. A few people pointed out that she was also mirroring Princess Diana in a similar outfit. But, of course, we know all about the copycat behaviour regarding the late Princess of Wales; as we all know, Meghan is obsessed with Diana.

The dress is similar to Catherine’s signature look; it is a desperate and thirsty move. Not to mention, not being on that balcony, looking down at the adoring crowds, likely killed her. There is something she would not want to happen, that’s having a large portion of the crowd booing at her.

Wait, Aren’t The Royals And The UK Racist?

To finish this edition, I wanted to mention the car situation I’ve seen people talking about on Twitter. We all know the Sussexes have cried multiple times that the UK as a whole and the royals were racist. So, why did Meghan roll down the window if she thought the people were bigoted? This has boggled a ton of minds, mine included.

This puts a massive hole in Harry’s fight against the home office. We haven’t heard about this in a while, and given it was about security for the Jubilee, it would now be invalid. Also, the booing will give Meghan the perfect excuse to tell Harry that the UK is still racist because they were booed.

Given Harry’s mental state, he will believe it.

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