Jack Brooksbank UPDATE: Two Sources Have Spoken Out And It Doesn’t Make Him Look Any Better Than Before


Jack Brooksbank is still in hot water…

Remember earlier in the week when we did a rumour post on Jack Brooksbank allegedly cheating on his wife, Princess Eugenie? Well, there has been a sort-of update on the story and well, it doesn’t make him come out any better than he did before. Now, we’re not saying that he did have a fling, it’s just the saying that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and well, there’s at least 4k worth here.

So, the first source to come out is Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York the mother-in-law of Brooksbank. According to 9Honey, the former wife of the disgraced Prince Andrew has said her son-in-law is “a man of integrity” and is one of her favourite people. She makes the claim the photos were used to ‘completely fabricate’ a story. That might be so, but why would a tequila company send of its employees, let alone an ambassador, on a yacht trip? Sure, it’s likely a perk of the job, but surely someone would’ve noticed the paparazzi close by.

Also, we mentioned in our latest Chronicles of Harkle post that Melissa McCarthy makes a reference to ‘yacht parties’. This could’ve been a reference to a couple of things. The first is the alleged history Meghan has as a supposed ‘yacht girl’. Meanwhile, the second could’ve had something to do with Brooksbank. We don’t know when the video was filmed. The Jack story broke like a few days before Markle’s birthday video went live. Whether this is a coincidence is anyone’s guess. It might not even be related at all.

Source Number Two Is Caught Up In The Scandal

Source Number two is one of the women in the photos of including Jack. According to the Daily Mail, the woman, Erica Pelosini who took her top off on the boat says she ‘regrets’ her actions. Her excuse was ‘her bikini top was wet’ and that she apologises for embarrassing Princess Eugenie. Umm… seriously?

You were on a boat with a married man with paparazzi around. How did you think the photos were going to look? If you say you don’t usually go topless, then don’t go topless. It is embarrassing. Perhaps try thinking about Eugenie and baby August before parading around half-naked on a boat. In years to come, that little boy is going to see these photos and question what his father was doing with women who were not his mother.

We have a couple of tips for anyone who is looking to get famous and may pull this type of stunt. Number one. Think about the people around you. Do they have partners? Do they have children or young relatives? Number two. How famous are they? Do they have connections? If so, how do you think these ties are going to see the person involved?

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