5 Things The Royal Family Will Never Allow From The Sussexes And Prince Andrew

Sussexes Prince Andrew

The Sussexes and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, are intensely despised within the United Kingdom. King Charles III’s youngest son, daughter-in-law and younger brother have been pit stains on the British monarchy for years.

As beloved as the late Queen Elizabeth II, her deeply religious and forgiving nature had her turning a blind eye to her wayward grandson, granddaughter-in-law and middle son. This does not mean she was a weak woman, far from it. She was Queen during a time when it was a very male-dominated world. Unlike a certain Duchess, The Queen didn’t complain about being “in a guilded cage” that was occupied by men.

On the other hand, Prince Andrew better watch himself because he’s as low on the royal family website as the Sussexes. Be sure to scroll down on the page to find him right near the bottom.

So, in this post, we wanted to go over five things that the royal family will never allow the Sussexes and Prince Andrew to do again.

1. Hold Their HRHs

Upon the drama before the death of The Queen, the Sussexes and Prince Andrew were stripped of their HRHs. In layman’s terms, they were put into abeyance and told they were not to use them.

2. Do Public Engagements

Even if Harry divorces Meghan, he, like his uncle Andrew, will never do public engagements again. Why? Because he is universally disliked, and he has said he hates the British people and has stated numerous times that he thinks they’re racist. Although some of the country’s top politicians, including the Prime Minister, happen to be people of colour.

Regarding Andrew, no one wants help from the dude who was friends with a sleazy man and proclaimed “I don’t sweat.”

3. Let Them Into Private Family Issues

Not so much Prince Andrew, as he is more likely to keep his mouth shut, but the Sussexes will never be privy to private family conversations again. Since Princess Catherine’s medical diagnosis, it has come out that Harry and Meghan were “blindsided” by the news. Even Rebecca English said on Palace Confidential that they would never have been told beforehand.

However, Catherine’s diagnosis was only told to a handful of people before it was made public. The King and Queen would have known about it. The Middleton family would’ve been aware as well. It is also claimed that a few staff members might’ve been told, but these would’ve been people who could be trusted entirely to keep their mouths shut. Zara and Mike likely knew too as they are super close to the Waleses.

Harry and Meghan do not fit that bill anymore. Okay, let’s get real. Meghan would always leak stuff. Look at how she put out her relationship with Harry before it was made public. The bracelets, anyone? Harry once kept his brother’s privacy close to his chest (when they were close), but once he got with his wife, that confidence went out the window. At least Andrew has the common sense to keep his trap shut.

4. Have One-On-One Private Conversations

Let’s face it: Harry and Meghan will never be allowed to have one-on-one conversations with family members again. They have leaked private conversations to the press. For example, Harry put in his book Spare an alleged text exchange between Meghan and Kate about Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress and that the little princess had burst into tears at how big the dress was.

Then, we have private information, such as whether William and Harry were circumcised. We don’t need to know any of that. Rumour has it that William gave Harry false information when the Queen died to see what he would do with it. He ended up allegedly giving the information to Omid Scobie, who then repeated the intel to the public. Though, another version of the rumour said it was Meghan that leaked it to Omid.

5. Will Not Not Invited To Major Royal Events Where The Public Is Involved

Finally, the Sussexes and Prince Andrew will never again be involved in royal events concerning the public. The trio are a disgrace, and the public knows it. The last thing anyone needs is to be booed. There was booing at the Platinum Jubilee towards Harry and Meghan.

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