RUMOUR: Is Jack Brooksbank Cheating On Princess Eugenie?


Is Jack Brooksbank cheating on his wife?

Cheating rumours are nothing new in the British Royal Family. After all, there was one involving Prince William and Rose Hanbury a few years back. However, there was no evidence, and it was just gossip. But, there is a fresh one involving Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie. Moreover, there are photos to prove it. Numerous news outlets, including the Mirror and the Daily Mail, are reporting that he has been on a yacht in Capri off the Italian coast with many women.

Now, we do NOT condone cheating at all. However, we need to think about a couple of things. First, does Eugenie know where he is? How could she react when she sees the photos? They’ve been together for years and married for three years, and they have an adorable son to show for it. Why would he risk being seen with women clad in bikinis or without a top on? All it could be is a few friends getting together.

We need to stress that it is nothing more than a rumour. The photos of Jack with his arm around one of the women were posted to Instagram, according to the Mirror (link above). Now, we’re not going to post the photos here as we don’t usually dive into rumours like this for ANYONE unless we have to.

Furthermore, we take no joy in reporting on this type of thing. Do we believe that Jack is cheating on Eugenie? There isn’t enough information to say either way. So if you’re going to have a go at us on Twitter, go ahead, but we’re not willing to put our integrity at risk for something that mightn’t be true.

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