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Archie & Lilibet To Resent Their Parents? Highgrove Sales Skyrocket

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Will the Sussex children, Archie and Lilibet have serious resentment towards their parents as adults? Meanwhile, Meghan’s jam endeavour causes the sales at Highgrove to soar.

What does Meghan Markle have against family? She claims that she loves her kids and everything, but why is she depriving them of time with their grandfathers, cousins, aunts and uncles? There is no straight answer for this as it changes all the time. This includes whether we will ever get genuine photos of the children. Though, we also know the former actress inserts herself into everything, including her husband’s projects. This includes Invictus.

The reason we’re writing this is due to something that Nana Akua said. She’s one of our faves who says it as she sees it. She said that in time, the Sussex children will have resentment against their parents when they see family photos of all the fun their cousins have when they’re together.

There is also a counter-article from the Sussex camp saying that Meghan is worried about her children not having a relationship with their cousins. Umm…

Whose fault is that, Meghan? You are the one who wanted to raise the kids in California. If you wanted the children to have relationships with their extended UK family, you wouldn’t have forced Harry and Archie to uproot their lives for California.

We found another article where Meghan fears the children will come to resent her. Markle doesn’t care! She is obsessed with apologies and outdoing the Princess of Wales.

Meghan sees Archie and Lilibet as an additional cash cow for when she eventually divorces their father. She will milk their royal connection (or lack thereof) for its worth as she hasn’t got enough talent to push herself forward. Let’s face it and we’ve all known it for a long time that she only married Harry for the title and nothing else. She thought that by having a title, people would finally embrace her in Hollywood.

Hollywood was curious when they arrived in the US, but the interest wore off very quickly. The lack of original ideas, the high staff turnovers, the stories from the past, the list goes on. Let’s not forget that Dan Wootton has looked into the Spotify drama and it has been confirmed to him that the Sussexes were a nightmare.

Next on the agenda we have Meghan accidentally causing the sales of Highgrove’s jam to skyrocket. See, Meg? When you try to copy someone else, it will come back to bite you. You copied your father-in-law’s charity idea, but instead, you want to pocket the proceeds.

Highgrove’s proceeds go directly to charity. I’m willing to bet that Charles is very happy with the boost. People are more willing to support a charity where they know the money will go to a good cause rather than to someone who is entitled and has more money than god.

To end this post, we have an update on who got some of Meghan’s jam.

  • Kelly McKee Zajfen – 3
  • Tracy Robbins – 10
  • Delfina (Nacho’s wife) – 17
  • Mindy Kaling – 19
  • Tracee Ellis Ross – 21
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