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Do Lilibet And Archie Now Have Titles? – THOUGHTS & OPINIONS

Lili, Archie, Lilibet

Did Harry and Meghan force King Charles III’s hand to get their children, Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana “Lili” titles? It’s a bit of a mixed bag of information. So, I want to say this first, my dear friend, Sue Smith, posted a screenshot to Twitter from a Mirror article by Russell Myer:

[Credit: @longsally – Twitter]

In this post, I will also review the “royals snub the Christening” story. So, let’s start with the “Princess Lilibet” and “Prince Archie” narrative.

I believe that Charles did NOT give his consent for his two youngest grandchildren to have titles. Harry and Meghan are well-known for pushing a narrative in an attempt to make it stick. In other words, I think that they did this to force him to make it official. After a quick look at the news section of the royal website, the news section has not been updated in two days. The last update was on March 7 with one of the King and Queen Consort’s engagements. Also, I know that the Palace’s comms team is slowly updating the website. However, it’s been six months since The Queen died, and the website’s outdated banner remains.

There Was No SNUB!

Also, the news claims that the royals were invited to the event, but none showed up, and they are calling it a “snub.” Don’t the media understand that royal engagements are booked weeks, if not months, in advance? Also, why would Charles, William, Catherine, etc., attend the christening of a child they barely know?

If the last five years have taught me anything, the Sussexes think they’re better than everyone else. If they put the invitation out and it was rejected, the royals would be seen as cold for not attending. Shouty Shola said it was horrible of the King not to attend his granddaughter’s christening. Umm. The Queen didn’t go to Archie’s christening. She didn’t even attend Prince Louis’ christening, though she attended Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s.

No Official Statement

It has been said that the Palace has put out a statement, but it’s not an official statement. The Sussexes’ PR team likely wrote it. If the Palace had officially announced that the kids had titles, it would be on the official letterhead. Look at the “Recollections may vary” thing. It was typed on the official letterhead with The Queen’s signature.

If Archie and Lili did get titles, it would come out of the Palace officially, not through a tabloid outlet. This is like the “Queen is Dead” story all over again. Also, Brittany of the Royal News Network mentioned a glaring error in the People Magazine article. It says the “Archbishop of Los Angeles.” However, it has now been corrected to “Bishop” as there is no “Archbishop of Los Angeles.”

Also, if this story were true, it would be reflected in the succession on the official royal site. It would appear on the website if the Palace did come out and confirm that Archie and Lili were given titles. I have an alternative thought on this too.

Let’s say Buckingham Palace did release a statement; could it be to get the Sussexes to shut up and think they’ve won? Possibly. Now, here’s one final thought I have on this. Perhaps BP is going along with it, knowing that parliament is looking to strip the Sussexes of their titles. So, when the act passes, they can pull the rug out from under them just as Harry and Meghan that their daughter was christened “Princess” Lilibet Diana.

The Aftermath

Finally, I want to sum up my thoughts on all this. First, do I believe that the Sussexes are desperate to merch their children as “Prince” Archie and “Princess” Lili? Yes, as it goes against their desire for Archie to be a private citizen.

Does it make Charles and the monarchy look stupid? I’ll go over that in another post. Be on the lookout for a short newsletter regarding how Project Fangirl will deal with the Sussex title drama.

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