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What Is There To Get? Meghan Markle Still Cannot Understand Why She Can’t Be A Royal And Make Additional Money

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Meghan Markle loves money, yet she complains about “different rules” for her versus other royals. There is a very simple explanation for this that she doesn’t seem to comprehend and that is, there is a difference from being fifth in the line of succession to being 15th or 55th or even divorced.

According to Yahoo!, Meghan Markle is allegedly furious that other royals can make money with their titles while she couldn’t. Examples of this including Fergie, her daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Sophie Winkleman and Zara Tindall.

We weren’t going to cover this, but we thought since people were talking about, we might as well discuss it also.

Before starting, we must explain that the government does NOT pay non-working royals. Working royals do, except the Prince and Princess of Wales, who are covered under the Duchy of Cornwall. At one point, when the Queen was alive and Charles was the Prince of Wales, Harry and Meghan were covered under the Duchy. This changed when they left.

It is also alleged Meghan has demanded a meeting with King Charles about these so-called “different rules.”

Different Rules Due To Status

Let’s begin with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, a.k.a. Fergie. So, this whole tantrum came up because the former wife of Prince Andrew was present during the annual Christmas Day Walk to Church, which she has not been for 30+ years. Why? Because she is divorced from Andrew.

During the Queen’s reign, she had a rule that if you were a partner of a royal but not married to them or divorced from said royal spouse, you were not allowed to be at any family event. However, she made an exception for Meghan in 2017 when she was only a fiancée, not a wife. She also extended the invitation to Doria Ragland, Markle’s mother.

However, Meghan appears to have a selective memory of all of this. She got privileges that not even Catherine got before she married William.

King Charles’ reign is different. He doesn’t appear to have an issue with Fergie. Fergie and the Queen allegedly got along very well, hence why she and Andrew were given custody of the corgis after the monarch’s death. It has also been alleged by the Daily Mail that Her Late Majesty granted Sarah a royal funeral.

The Queen didn’t give Princess Diana that privilege. She only got a public funeral because the public wanted to remember her.

Not to mention, Fergie has only ever sold Andrew out and not the rest of the family the way Meghan has.

Royals With Titles Who Work

Meghan doesn’t appear to understand that Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, despite having titles, are not working royals who work on behalf of the monarch. Instead, they have everyday jobs like ordinary people. Also, they don’t use their titles when they’re working.

This screenshot is from Princess Beatrice’s LinkedIn profile.

Notice that she is not “Princess Beatrice.” She is Beatrice York at work. The same applies to her sister, Princess Eugenie. She uses “Eugenie York” when she is working, not “Princess Eugenie.”

Non-Titled Royals Who Work

Why Meghan could complain about family members like Zara Tindall working and being a royal is just stupid.

So, with Zara, she was not born with a title because in Britain, the children of blood princesses do not have titles unless there is an exception is given by the monarch. An example of this would be the children of the Queen as they were in the direct line of succession. However, the late monarch’s nephew and niece, David and Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Princess Margaret’s children, were given lesser titles. Their father, Antony, was given an Earldom when he married Margaret, rather than a Dukedom.

Going back to Zara, The Queen gave Princess Anne, upon Peter Phillip’s birth, the option of giving her children titles. The Princess Royal turned down her mother’s offer as she knew her kids would not be working royals, and it allowed them to have “normal lives” outside of their royal ties. Zara followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a skilled horsewoman.

Since Zara and Peter do not have titles, they can do what they like. They are also NOT working royals. Peter is currently 18th in the line of succession. Zara, meanwhile, sits behind her nieces Savannah and Isla, at 21st.

Also, Zara is involved in numerous horse-related events, including Magic Millions in Australia, an event she and her husband Mike make annually.

Royal Spouses Who Work

We’ve covered Sophie Winkleman on Project Fangirl before. What makes her stand out is that she, like Meghan Markle, is an actress, but unlike the duchess, she makes her own money.

For those who might not know, Sophie Winkleman is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Prince Michael is a cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II. He is also the brother of the Duke of Kent. Both brothers were working royals. Prince Michael retired from his duties in 2022. The Duke of Kent is still working but has scaled back much of his work. Their sister is Princess Alexandra.

Returning to Sophie Winkleman, she still works despite being married to Lord Frederick. Why? She nor Frederick are working royals. Frederick is 53rd in the line of succession and was never expected to be a working royal. Instead, he, like Sophie, has a normal job. Also, Sophie doesn’t use her courtesy title when she is working. She uses her own name.

For Those In The Back! Meghan Markle Is Money Hungry!

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Zara Tindall, Peter Phillips, Lord Frederick Windsor and Sophie Winkleman are not funded by the British government and therefore are NOT working royals. The Prince and Princess of Wales are covered in their expanses by the Duchy of Cornwall.

So, Meghan Markle is complaining over nothing as she doesn’t understand how non-working can be making money and still have titles. She’s baffled about how Fergie can use her title as the Duchess of York to write books and appear on television programs using the moniker.

Has she ever thought that none of the people we’ve mentioned in this article have ever done interviews slamming the family? Knowing Meghan, probably not. She got the special treatment that many royal spouses didn’t and wanted to continue playing the victim.

The British Royal Family does not have endless wealth like Meghan thinks they do.

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