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Will We Finally Get Proper Legitimate Photos Of Archie And Lilibet? The Media Has Finally Picked Up On The Photoshopped Christening Photo – OPINION

I don’t usually like talking about the royal children in any capacity, titled or not. However, Richard Eden of the Daily Mail just released an article which reveals that Meghan has had photos taken of Archie and Lilibet. According to Richard, the photos of the Sussex children were taken by Jake Rosenberg. For those mightn’t be aware, he took photos for The Tig, which Markle passed off as her own.

Jake is one of Meghan’s favourite photogs outside of Misan Harriman. I wanted to write this piece because Richard mentions a few things. We saw Archie and Lilibet in the Netflix drama (that is what I am choosing to call it). However, we see either the backs of their heads or from a distance. We rarely got to see their faces. Though, many suspect we were seeing someone else’s kids, child actors or even reborn dolls.

I’ve always been on the fence about this and won’t be going through that on this post. So, the question we’re asking here is whether Meghan will release these so-called photos of Archie and Lilibet as part of her branding for American Riviera Orchard? Possibly. Richard has also stated Jake Rosenberg took pictures of Meghan cooking, which will probably appear on the website.


Wait. I thought the planning for this site started a year ago. The pictures should be done and ready to launch. But they’re not. This shows that the brand has not been in the works for a year. Also, the trademark was only filed a month or two ago. Meghan only had her yes people out this claim out there because she wants people to think she’s a hard worker. Look at Spotify for an answer to that.

It’s possible that of Jake did take pictures of Archie and Lilibet, they will be released on their respective birthdays like Catherine and William do with their children.

Photoshop Scandal Comes To Hit The Sussexes In The Face

So, we’ve seen two contradicting statements by the Sussex camp. The first claim comes from Page Six. is that Meghan would never be caught photoshopping pictures of themselves as she and Harry would be crucified as Meghan has a “freakish attention to detail.” No, she doesn’t. Why didn’t she notice her daughter’s three-fingered hand in the Christmas card? Or even the baby’s freakishly long legs? Oh! What about her super long index finger and thumb? Archie’s too red hair? Harry’s suddenly full head of hair?

Christmas Card
[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

If photos of Lilibet and Archie are released, they will be photoshopped up the wazoo. No question. The second statement backtracks on the Page Six article, saying the Sussexes never put out a statement, nor did they approve one.

Archie Christening Photo And An Expert Calls Misan Harriman An Amateur

Okay, so the reason I bring this up is because the press has finally woken up to the Christening photo of Archie being heavily photoshopped. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the photo:

surrogacy, threats; mistakes; grandfather; christening, Lilibet Archie photos,
[Credit: Today Show]

This picture has been edited, as per the Daily Mail. However, Misan Harriman defended the photographer, Chris Allterton, on Instagram, saying that the photo was not altered. Okay. Here’s the issue that I have, and I thank the Sidley twins and their dad for this information. Misan is a liar, and he has altered his photos multiple times.

Mister Sidley, Nancy and Stephanie’s dad, has been in the photo industry for 50+ years. He has worked in both film photography and digital photography. He also has thousands of hours of Photoshop experience. The twins asked him to look at two pictures. The first was this one:

[Credit: LBC]

The second was the under the pregnancy announcement:

Sussex Baby number 2
[Credit: Misan Harriman/People Magazine]

Mister Sidley used his technical knowledge to identify several Photoshop fails. One example he found was Meghan’s eyes in the first picture. One eye has been cloned off the other, as they share the same reflection. Also, there is a white patch, which would not have been because of the flash, on Meghan’s forehead that does not match the rest of her skin. Also, her shoulders are blurry. Oh, and there’s obvious thing with Harry’s hair. There were other things too. Check out the Twin Talk video for more information (linked above).

In the second picture, Mister Sidley pointed out that the sun shines on Harry’s shirt but not his face.

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