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PLAYTIME! What Stories Could Meghan Markle Steal If She Launches TigTots? – OPINION

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We all know that Meghan Markle might be relaunching The Tig with a parenting component, TigTots, which, as someone pointed out on Twitter, sounds like TaterTots. Anyway, there was a great comment by Andi’s Mom, who said that Meghan has stolen stories before, and she’s right. What could Meghan possibly write about on TigTots during its potential launch that is original?

That’s what we will cover in this Chronicles of Harkle post.

Stolen Stories And Tall Tales So Far…

Meghan Markle has already told tall tales that no one can verify, let alone believe. Many of these claims have been debunked. There is an endless list we could share, but we’re only going to share a handful.

So, we have:

  • The original miscarriage story, which was stolen from a book about miscarriage.
  • There was a fire in Archie’s room in the “housing unit” in South Africa.
  • Meghan was raised as an only child.
  • Doria raised Meghan with black women.
  • Meghan experienced racism aimed at her mother.
  • No one treated Meghan like a black woman before she was in the UK.
  • The number of royal racists; only said one but Omid Scobie said it was two.
  • Meghan was the smart loner at school.
  • Participated in financial aid programs and had a job on Northwestern’s campus to pay her tuition.
  • Knew nothing of Harry or the British monarchy.
  • Says she was naive about becoming a royal and not knowing how to curtesy.

What Could She Claim Next? – ALL SPECULATION

Knowing Meghan Markle, she probably has a list of parenting topics for a potential TigTots launch, which she stole from other parents. Let’s look at what she could potentially claim:

  • One of her children felt from their highchair (like Serena Williams’ daughter did) and broke their arm.
  • That someone tried to kidnap one of her children hence why Harry wants his IPP status back.
  • The King said something inappropriate about one of the children.
  • Catherine and William didn’t want to hold Archie because he was a “black” baby.
  • Harry is a horrible a father and leaves Meghan to do all the work with the children (in the event of a divorce).
  • Harry is a druggie, alcoholic and abusive (in the event of a divorce).
  • She didn’t know about Harry’s racist past.
  • A kid almost got run over by a car because Harry wasn’t watching the child.
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