Royal Divas: Is It Fair To Pit Royal Women Against Each Other?

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There is an age-old aspect to being a royal that can not be avoided: royal divas. We’ve been scrolling through forums like Reddit and Tumblr and have seen some nasty rumours about certain royal women. Some might be valid arguments, but others seem to be nothing more than posts looking for supposed royal rivals.

The reason why we believe that people are looking to brand royal women divas is because they know the warning signs, thanks to Meghan Markle’s narcissistic behaviour of playing the victim and whatnot. The more someone is in the public eye, the more they expose themselves for who they are.

We have seen a few rumours that don’t add up, especially regarding Queen Mary of Denmark. There has also been speculation over her relationship with Queen Letizia and whether she attempted to pursue King Felipe rather than King Frederik at that faithful meeting at the Slip Inn in 2000.

We’ll get into all of that in this post. Also, please remember that this is only speculation and rumour, not fact. Moreover, we will be unable to find every source we mention as there are so many.

Jordanian Royals: Problematic Future Queen? – Rajwa, Rania, Iman And Muna

A rumour is floating around on Tumblr that Princess Rajwa is a nightmare behind the scenes. The latest addition to the Jordanian royal family is believed to be a diva. It is alleged she doesn’t get along with her husband, Crown Prince Hussein’s family. She hated everything about her wedding and clashed with Hussein’s mother, Queen Rania, his sister, Princess Iman and his grandmother, Princess Muna.

The rumours continue that Rajwa wanted to get married before Iman, as per brf-rumortrackinganon, because Hussein is the future king. Iman put her foot down and allegedly said she got engaged, so she should get married first. She also had a long-term relationship with her husband, Jameel Alexander Thermiótis, and won that fight.

It is also implied that Rajwa and Hussein’s union was arranged. Rajwa’s mother is a cousin of the King of Saudi Arabia. It has also been rumoured that Rajwa was the one who got the paps to take photos of her on the beach. Others allege she is a partier who likes to wear non-Muslim-approved clothing and complains that she hates Jordan and that Saudi Arabia is better.

Moreover, it has been believed, according to brf-rumortrackinganon, that Queen Rania wore black to Hussein and Rajwa’s wedding due to her mourning the idea of her son marrying a diva.

According to, again, brf-rumortrackinganon, there is also a rumour that Rajwa did not work as an architect and only had a degree in architectural design.

Finally, it is speculated by Jordanian Princesses that Rajwa is pregnant and is being purposely kept out of the spotlight due to the Hamas-Israel conflict. 

It is also believed she is back in Saudi Arabia, where she is safer.

Do We Believe This?

As we’ve said, the stuff we’re adding to this post is primarily outlandish BS. Also, we don’t know enough about Rajwa to get a proper read on her. Sure, only a handful of people from her family were at the wedding, and her brother-in-law walked her down the aisle instead of one of her brothers, but she shouldn’t be compared to Iman, Rania or even Muna.

None of these women should be compared to each other as they’re all different. It’s like comparing Princess Catherine to the late Queen. There is no comparison between them.

Dutch Diva Royal Ladies: Máxima, Amalia And Alexia

According to brf-rumortrackinganon, Queen Máxima and her three daughters, Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, are massive divas and narcissists. Ariane, allegedly,  isn’t as bad as her mother and sisters.

Alexia was allegedly sent to Wales because she was out of control and was always fighting with Amalia.

Meanwhile, Máxima is apparently OCD, and anything will set her off. She is in love with herself and loves luxury. Amalia and Alexia are allegedly the same.

Princess Beatrix, the former Queen of the Netherlands, apparently can’t stand Máxima and wishes she would discipline her girls and stop being so flashy.

Is There Any Truth To This?

There is a bit of truth in this one. Máxima always goes big with her jewels. However, whether she is “in love with herself” is unclear. We don’t know enough about her or her daughters to make that conclusion. We don’t follow the Dutch royals as much as we would like. Also, we’ve never seen Máxima and Beatrix interact, so we don’t want to speculate on their relationship.

Prince Hunter: Mary and Letizia

In yet another anon from brf-rumortrackinganon, it is alleged that when Mary Donaldson met then-Crown Prince Frederik at the Slip Inn in 2000, it wasn’t the future king of Denmark that caught her attention; it was Prince Felipe (now the King of Spain). 

According to the anon, Mary and her friend knew who the royals were and were attempting to “prince hunt.” She allegedly tried to snag Felipe, but he wasn’t interested, so Fred was her next target.

It goes even more profound when it is alleged that Mary hates Letizia because she got the prince she wanted. Also, it is believed that Mary got upset because Letizia and Felipe married the same year she and Frederik did and gave birth the same year Christian was born.

Another anon by brf-rumortrackinganon claims that Mary was the one that started the Letizia cheating rumours. Why? Well, the anon says that Felipe and Letizia have never cheated on each other, insinuating that Frederik has cheated on Mary likely more than once and that the rumour is being used as “deflection” for Mary and Frederik’s marriage problems. 

To dig even deeper into the wound, the so-called situation is being compared to what Meghan does with her own marriage issues by making it look like she has insider knowledge of William and Catherine’s marriage.

Does Anyone Believe This?

We do not believe that Mary is bitter. We’ve been following Mary since her 2004 wedding and have never gotten vibes that she is jealous or petty towards anyone, nor do we believe that she was behind the Letizia affair rumours. Also, there was no indication that she was deflecting from her issues.

Bitter Over School Experiences: Eugenie And Catherine

This last anon from brf-rumortrackinganon claims that Princess and Eugenie has been feuding with Catherine since their time at Marlborough College.

So, apparently, Eugenie allegedly hates Catherine because she was popular and sporty. Also, Eugenie is fuming because her matchmaking to set Prince William up with one of her friends failed. So, she wanted William to be with a girl named Isabella, who is the half-sister of Cressida Bonas, and if that name rings any bells, it should because Cressida would go on to date Prince Harry.

However, it has been pointed out that Eugenie had to undergo back surgery during her time at Marlborough and could not participate in sports. Also, her social circle would have been different. Not to mention, she and Catherine would not have been at the school simultaneously. Eugenie’s time there may have crossed over with James Middleton’s.

Also, just because Catherine was famous at school doesn’t mean Eugenie wasn’t. Their schooling differed as Catherine was at the school in the 90s, and Eugenie’s time there was was in the 00s.

When Did The Animosity From Eugenie Start?

There is no proof of any animosity from Eugenie outside of one piece of footage where she shoves past Catherine during her first royal Christmas. We also don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Notwithstanding, Eugenie attends Catherine’s Christmas events. Some might denounce this as her spying for Harry and Meghan, but who knows? Cameras will have been everywhere, and other family members would like to know about her alleged correspondence, so it doesn’t give her much room to gather intel.

If there was hatred, it might have started when Catherine married in, meaning when she and William had children, Eugenie and, therefore, Beatrice, were relegated to even more irrelevancy than they were. Also, the Yorks’ security was stripped the same year as the Cambridge wedding. The sisters might have blamed their Uncle Charles for this, and William was part of that bitterness.

Royal Women Aren’t Entertainment

While seeing people fighting over trivial things is entertaining, the outside world appears to forget that royal women, divas or not, are human beings and should never be pitted against each other. The media is more concerned with comparing these women than treating them like individuals with feelings.

There are plenty of other examples outside of the ones we’ve mentioned. These include:

  • Diana and Fergie
  • Diana and Sophie
  • Mary and Marie
  • Letizia and Queen Sofia
  • Catherine and Camilla
  • Eugenie, Beatrice and Catherine
  • Catherine and Meghan
  • Meghan and Diana
  • Diana and Catherine

It is a disgusting practice that doesn’t help anyone other than the media to help sell magazines and newspapers and get website clicks and views. Moreover, they don’t care about people’s feelings; they only care about what makes them money.

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