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Meghan Markle Inserts Herself Into Everything! – OPINION

Meghan Markle interference

Meghan Markle is the QUEEN of Interference. She loves getting in the middle of political debates that don’t concern her as she carries the foreign title of one of America’s biggest allies, and she loves making other people’s issues about her. Look at the drama surrounding Catherine, the Princess of Wales’ photoshop fail. The former actress just had to put out a statement saying she would be criticised if she made the same mistake when editing pictures. Oh, wait. She HAS made the same mistake, yet the media have never called them out their fails. Here’s just one example.

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Check out the table in the background. That is the most notable part of the picture. When you see the other images at the same location, the table is not like that. Another hiccup in this photo is the pool wall behind Harry’s leg.

Meghan Is The QUEEN of Photoshop

Meghan, do us and Princess Catherine a favour and sit down as your interference isn’t needed. Also, perhaps think about the times you’ve attempted to play god with your life and you’ve been exposed.

This post exists because The Royal Rogue pointed something out in a recent video. He said that the Sussexes had Megxit planned when they were dating. They knew they would get married. Though never wanted to stay in the family. They expected to get everything they demanded. When that didn’t happen, that was where the trouble started.

They wanted royal perks without the work, which is not how it works. Harry, especially, would’ve known this. Sophie and Prince Edward attempted this but it backfired. The Queen took a hardline on this and it shows. The worst part? The Sussexes were too selfish to realise that the monarchy did not need them. Someone’s star quality can dim and they were both high on the popularity. They did not expect to become hated. When they did, they blamed everyone but themselves.

The Massive Royal No-No

That leads us to our next Meghan Markle interference; two presidential elections. In 2020, the year that Donald Trump got booted from the White House, the Sussexes, were involved in the campaign. As two foreign royals, they got caught up in it, as they had titles, which is a massive no-no.

Technically, Meghan is allowed to talk about politics because she is American. However, Harry cannot as he is not. Also, neither should be allowed to use their titles. If Meghan had just used her name and not her title, it probably would be fine.

Harry Attempts To Parent Children Who Are Not His

Let’s change gears for a moment and talk about Harry and the interference he has engaged in. He has attempted to parent Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. According to his own words, he did not want them to become like him. Their father, Prince William, told him to butt out.

George, Charlotte and Louis are well-adjusted kids who have privacy and stability. Their parents are very much in love with each other, have a ton in common and they don’t compete with each other for attention. The same cannot be said for Archie and Lilibet. Their parents have zero in common and their mother is an alleged narcissist.

We Feel Sorry For The Kids

Very few people have seen Archie and Lilibet to the point that many members of the public believe they are not real. They have every right to believe that. Why? Because Meghan Markle creates so much interference that everything becomes cloudy. Also, no one can say for 100% that Meghan was the one who gave birth to those children. Why? Because she had to play games with the media to create this narrative of victimhood.

Moreover, this makes us wonder why she commented on Catherine’s shoddy Photoshop. Oh, right. Because she has to prove herself to be better than her sister-in-law. Kate has more experience as a royal than Harry has brain cells. Not to mention, the Princess of Wales has more expertise than Meghan has dignity.

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