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Flashback Friday: Harry And Meghan Claim To Be Like Everyone Else, Except They Aren’t – OPINION

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What could be more relatable than a Prince and his untalented wife who claim they’re like everyone else? Well, they’re not relatable in any sense of the term. Heck, it’s doubtful that they even know what it means.

Harry and Meghan claim they’re kind people and making the world a better place. In the six years since their marriage, what have they done to save the planet? Nothing. That’s what. They have taken private jets like 99% of us take taxis or Uber services.

Then, we have Harry proclaiming he wants to be “Just Harry” only for him to turn around and tell the people running the 2025 Invictus Games to call him ‘Sir’ and Meghan ‘Ma’am’. They’re not the blinking heads of state!

Let’s not forget how they treated the people of Australia. Meghan treated the kitchen staff at Admiralty House like dirt by ordering them to cook her banana bread to her liking before they were allowed to leave well after midnight. I forgot to add in the previous post on this that Harry was constantly apologising for her antics. Looking back on it, he’s just as guilty if Tom Bower’s book, Revenge, is anything to go by.

The Sussexes also love copying other people. We’ve seen it with Meghan’s obsession with celebrities. She’s done it in photoshoots where she has copied Angelina Jolie pose and outfit wise.

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Another way that the Sussexes are not relatable is that they live in a million-dollar house. They live in the 1% club, yet they screech from the rafters, “We’re just like everyone else.” No, you’re not. Not everyone can afford to live in a house with 9 bedrooms with 16 bathrooms and that includes a tennis court, a gym and guest house. What family of four needs a house with that much stuff.

This reminds me of the College Admissions Scandal where Lori Loughlin (of Full House fame) was a poster woman for it and her daughters were called out, particularly YouTuber Olivia Jade, for being entitled and living in a wealthy bubble, that they’ve been in since birth. They did not know how 99% of the world lived.

Archie and Lilibet, I can guarantee, will grow up thinking that being rich is normal. Why? Because this is how their mother wants them to see their lives. Not to mention, they’re going to think that the whole world has castles and rainbows, like a classic Disney movie.

Let’s not forget that Meghan, especially, does the opposite of what she claims. One example of this is when she claims she doesn’t go on social media because of the toxicity. In reality, this means she IS on social media looking for things to complain about.

The list goes on there. Then, we have Harry. Oh, yes. Harry.

He claims that the palace, his father, stepmother and brother were all leaking stories about him when he and his wife, do the same thing. One example we have is the aftermath of the Oprah interview where he and Meghan told Gayle King that conversations with William “were not productive.”

There is also a rumour that William fed Harry incorrect information about how their grandmother’s coffin would return to England from Scotland. Instead of saying it would return via aircraft, the Prince of Wales allegedly told his estranged brother that the royal train was the method of transport.

And what happened?

If this rumour is true, Harry allegedly gave the intel to Omid Scobie, who then reported it. Who is the true leaker, hmm, Harry? So much for having a strong hatred for the media.

Not to mention, Meghan has taken constant swipes at Catherine over the years. Remember recently with the Photoshop drama? Well, the Markle team, claims Meghan would never make that mistake as she has a “freakish attention to detail.” Well, the recent photos to come out of her ARO jam launch show otherwise.

The same applies to her clothing. If she had good attention to detail, why didn’t she spot the hole in the dress she wore at the children’s hospital? Why didn’t she notice that her bra was showing when she attended a wedding? That’s an easy question. She doesn’t think she’s made any form of mistake because she is a narcissist and she loves making Catherine look bad.

So, let’s jump back for a moment to Meghan being an overall copycat. We have:

  • Ziwe – Meghan claims be 42% Nigerian.
  • Princess Diana – Markle claims to have been chased by the paparazzi and ‘almost died in a car chase’ and she dresses like her.
  • Princess Catherine – Meghan claims to have been stalked by Paparazzi, dresses like her and claims she loves cooking jam and roast chicken.
  • Kerry Washington – Meghan dressed like her after posing with her for one photo during her [Meghan’s] time on Suits.
  • Emma Watson – Meghan wanted to be an A-list spokesperson on Women’s Empowerment like Emma is, but she didn’t want to put in the work the way Emma has.
  • Angelina Jolie – Meghan dresses and poses like her and has done it a lot.

Another thing that the Sussexes are not relatable with is their need to overshadow everyone else. So, Meghan has overshadowed a ton of people in the royal family, but she does it mostly to Catherine, the most and coming in second is Queen Camilla. She even did it to baby Prince Louis at his Christening by wearing olive green or khaki instead of blue, white or cream. At least Harry got the assignment correct.

Then we have the unveiling of American Riviera Orchard just minutes before Prince William was due to speak at the Diana Awards. This was also the same event that Harry was due to speak at, virtually, hours later. So, essentially, Meghan didn’t just upstage the future king, but her own husband too.

Also, 99% of people don’t think of themselves as victims as Harry and Meghan do. They are in their 40s, with a ton of money, two beautiful children (who are never seen), have more opportunities than most people and the Sussexes blew it big time as they are not relatable. As we mentioned in our previous Chronicles of Harkle’s post, the Sussexes were universally hated by the people at Spotify.

For a woman who claims to be fighting for women’s rights and empowerment, Meghan sure puts Catherine down a lot. The former actress is so spiteful that she thinks she looks better in clothing. When the female sex looks for inspirational people, they generally search for those who are relatable, not those who are up themselves. Spotify could it and hopefully, Netflix will too.

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