Why Prince William Doesn’t Need Harry To Succeed


There were once two brothers who saw eye-to-eye. Nothing has been more tragic than seeing the brotherhood of Princes William and Harry die by the wayside. Their mother would be heartbroken if she were alive today. So while we have Meghan Markle to blame for the bust-up, the Sussexes are not the ones we’re talking about here. Well, Markle isn’t.

Prince William is shaping himself up to be a kind, just monarch in training as he prepares to become the heir to the throne as one of eight. A long time ago, he imagined Harry standing at his side as an advisor. However, given the current circumstances, this looks to no longer be happening. So, that’s where this article comes in. The Duke of Cambridge doesn’t need his brother to succeed in anything.

Since Megxit, dozens of news articles have come out saying that for the monarchy to survive; the British royals need the Sussexes to breathe new life into the thousand-year-old institution. But unfortunately, this is where these pro-Sussex publications are wrong. William has a strong sense of where his reign will go, with or without Harry.

William Choose To Serve Without Harry

Whether William kicked the Sussexes out of the Royal Foundation or if the future Prince of Wales threw shade at his brother and sister-in-law, it shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme. Why might you ask? Well, it’s evident to all who have watched the Duke of Cambridge over the past few years. His undying loyalty to his grandmother and father has been put on display and has strengthened like resin trapping an eternity-old insect.

William understands that his feelings towards his brother at the current time don’t matter. His grandmother, The Queen, is in her Twilight years and has been slowly handing down her duties to other family members. He doesn’t need the added drama of his brother’s constant tantrums. The future king has better things to do with his time, such as taking the kids to school and running around after them in the backyard. If he wanted to throw shade at his brother and sister-in-law, he’d do it.

His realisation that his brother was on his path has come and gone. William cannot dwell on what could have been. He knows this and has pushed aside any thought of a future where his brother would’ve been involved. But, as terrible as that might be to read, what use would Harry have been? He’s never had any interest in leading, even in the army.

Harry Does Not Get It

Only now, he believes himself to be a global leader in environmental issues. Harry’s hypocritical sense of entitlement shows his jealousy towards William. His preaching speaks volumes as he lays his family to waste for the Sussex Squad to tear them apart like hungry wild dogs.

William’s strength comes from his wife, Catherine. She is his rock and his support system. A decade of dating on and off did them a world of good and now look at them. The future of the monarchy is safe in their hands. They know they are the Firm’s stars, but they choose not to flaunt it.

Nor should they do so. The monarchy is not Hollywood. It has existed centuries longer than the glitz and glamour of film, television, and music. Royals should serve the public, not the other way around. If it were not for the people of Britain and the surrounding Commonwealth nations, the royals would not be residing in luxury.

Moreover, Harry chose to give up the luxury lifestyle he was living in exchange for millions of self-earned millions. Except, there’s one problem. To produce money, you need to work. He doesn’t understand the concept, and neither does his wife. But, again, we’re not trying to criticise them. Instead, we are trying to point out the differences between William and Harry. One is for service. The other self-service while calling “a life of service.” All he does is throw tantrums.

William Listens While Harry Dictates

William doesn’t need to tell people what to do. He listens to what people tell him and chooses how to assist. Harry, meanwhile, dictates to us mere mortals how to fix the world while he lounges in his multimillion-dollar mansion sipping Kombucha. Then, there’s his carbon footprint which he excuses as a protection for his children. Who does he think he is? The prime minister? At least the Spencers approved of Catherine when they didn’t with Meghan.

The world doesn’t want to be dictated to. William understands this. Harry does not, as he wants to be seen as equal to his brother or more significant. He is neither. His shelf life is limited, and he knows this. After the birth of Prince Louis, Harry’s irrelevance became even more evident. This is why he acts out.

Harry doesn’t like being ignored. The palace cut him off when he left as it was on his father’s instructions. He wanted to be financially independent, which is what he was given. So why are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Most people don’t as we work to make a living.

Working royals work for the people they serve. The Sussexes don’t do that, though they say otherwise. Harry believes someday; he will be king. It’s not going to happen. As his nephews and niece grow up and have their children, Harry and his children will be pushed further down the line of succession or removed altogether.

William The King

We’ve all seen the type of man William already is. He took his mother’s teachings together. Of him and his brother, William has the brains and smarts to see through people. Moreover, this makes him a more than capable monarchy.

Harry believes that badmouthing his brother at every turn will make the public hate him and not want him as king. However, the people understand William and know he does not put up with crap. He has had to make some tough calls in recent years on with the agreement of his father and grandmother.

There is no way Harry would be able to deal with the pressure of kingship. Also, can you imagine how much more of a tyrant Meghan would be? We cannot begin to imagine. He also ignores all the negative press including his rumoured affair with Rose Hanbury, which we know NEVER happened. Though, we question whether it was Harry that had the alleged fling with Rose and not William. Honestly, we don’t care. William is selfless while his brother is selfish.

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