Selfless vs. Selfish: The Reason William and Harry’s Relationship Fell Apart

Two brothers. Both alike in status. One can be king. It sounds like something out of a Shakespearean tragedy. Princes William and Harry. Sons of Charles, Prince of Wales and his late ex-wife, Diana, Princess of Wales. The divide between the once-close siblings has been displayed since Megxit and shows no signs of healing. Despite what Sunshine Sachs and the gutter trash tabloids outlets will have you believe, the pair are more apart than ever.

The trust between the brothers fractured when Harry introduced his now-wife to their family. While some were charmed by her, others were not. William was one of those people, but for the sake of their relationship, he gave the former actress the benefit of the doubt for Harry’s sake. He even stood up for him at the 2018 Royal Wedding. You know, the one where we debunked the comment about racism in the UK?

Nothing says reverse nepotism quite like Harry, who follows his fame-seeking spouse like a lost puppy. This is not us being biased, as it is the narrative that the formerly loved royal son and his wife are peddling themselves. It has been proven that there is no racism within the British monarchy as Her Majesty The Queen has done countless engagements over the years involving people of colour. She was even friendly with the late Nelson Mandela! Let’s not forget that Prince Charles has people of colour as part of his staff.

The divide that Harry has created is exactly that; of his design. He chose to leave his family and the duties he claimed to despise, yet he paraded around New York in a pseudo-royal tour. So, which is it? We have never seen such a divisive figure as the D-list actress who claims to be a feminist.

A Selfless Prince

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William has always had a massive heart. He understands what his role within the monarchy is and accepts his destiny. But, last week, he was spotted in London selling issues of The Big Issue to raise money for the homeless. No one knew about it until someone posted a photo on social media or sold it to the press. Yet, people are slamming him for doing “a PR stunt.” First off, this was not a PR stunt. He didn’t upstage anybody.

Everything Harry and his wife does, screams “PR Stunt.” Remember when a “paparazzi” of the D-lister and Archie dropped minutes before Prince Louis’ third birthday photos came out? That was a PR stunt that only Page Six bought. No other media outlet published the ‘pap shots’ as the main focus on the youngest Cambridge.

William doesn’t need to divide the public against Harry. The people can make up their minds. What’s more, the Duke of Cambridge’s popularity is high. Furthermore, this is due to his loyalty to the crown. Therefore, his grandmother. He was there for her when Prince Philip died. He didn’t publicise what was in the wreaths laid by other family members.

William also takes his children out to introduce them to people. The last couple of church services is the perfect example of this. What does Harry do? It creates a smoke and mirrors situation, leaving less to be desired when photos of his children surface. He and his wife also cause doubt that Archie and Lilibet exist. They then scream for privacy when they put out the images and press statements themselves. It can’t work both ways. The wife should know this as she was in Hollywood for almost twenty years and had a manager.

The Selfish Prince


Once upon a time, Harry was a good lad who loved the people he served. Despite his scrapes with the media, he was a nice guy and was a cheeky chappy. So when he met his bride, the world rejoiced for him. However, things didn’t remain sunshine and rainbows.

He became arrogant and constantly angry at the world because people had woken up to his wife’s manipulations. As time passes, he screams racism, misogyny, and whatever bandwagon his D-list spouse is currently jumping upon to maintain her “compassion and humanitarianism.”

This is what happens when one marries a narcissist. Instead of bringing out the best in you, they do the opposite. The founder of The Tig has shifted her narrative to make herself look relevant as she has worked hard and has gone nowhere. Harry believes everything she says as he has no place to turn now. He wants to be seen as better than William. However, he cannot change his position as number six.

Harry cannot stand, and probably could, that his brother would always be ahead of him. It has nothing to do with age. The firstborn gets the best offerings in monarchies. Look at Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden as an example. Her younger brother was the heir to the throne when he was born. However, this changed, so his elder sister became the future monarch.

It only takes one person to shape another’s life. Harry has changed from the man the world loved, and it’s his wife’s doing. It is obvious to anyone who has followed him from the second his parents walked out of the hospital. The divide is less hidden now.

Harry cares about destroying people’s faith in everything his grandmother has worked for and, of course, his brother and father’s dignity. He wants the public to side with him, but his popularity is down the toilet. Though, he is higher in favour than his wife and Randy Andy. According to a current YouGov UK poll, he’s above his cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Prince Andrew is right down the bottom at fifteen.

Divide And Destroy

The objective couldn’t have been more straightforward; get a title and snag a prince. Well, one side was achieved. However, the other side went lopsided as the wannabe princess is speculated to have wanted William, not Harry. She stares at the future king like she’s daydreaming about being Queen Consort. Too bad it will never happen.

There is a vast difference between William and Harry regarding picking the women they wanted as their wives. Catherine was well-prepared and had years of training. However, the Duchess of Montecito jumped into the deep end and realised there was work involved. Upon learning this, she complained to Harry with some tremendous lie about racism and how horrid Kate was to her because she refused to hang out with her.

Harry’s resentment of his brother doesn’t just lie in the divide between them at this moment. It has to deal with his jealousy of William’s ability to get on with life. He knows their mother isn’t coming back and has accepted it.

Meanwhile, Harry claims to see his mother everywhere. Or at least, that’s what he told Hoda Kotb. We bet he does see Diana given how often the wife dresses like her.

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