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Chronicles Of Harkle: Princes Harry And Andrew Throw Tantrums Over Not Being Allowed To Wear Their Military Uniforms To Prince Philip’s Funeral – The Queen Now Says No One Will Wear Them


The late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was a military man at heart. He served during World War II and was in the navy. Many of his descendants followed in his footsteps. His daughter, Princess Anne has served in the British Armed Forces since 1974 as the originally named Chief Commandant of the Women’s Naval Service. Some twenty years later, it was renamed as the Chief Commandant of Women in the Royal Navy, according to Veranda. Prince Charles served in both the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. The youngest of the Duke’s children, Prince Edward joined the Royal Marines but dropped out while his second son, Prince Andrew, served in the Royal Navy.

What’s more is Prince Philip’s grandsons, Princes William and Harry also served in the military. The Duke of Cambridge served in the British Armed Forces while his younger brother served in the British Army.

Now that we’ve spoken briefly on the royal family’s connection to military service, that is what we’re going to be talking about in today’s Chronicles of Harkle’s post. Since the death the Duke of Edinburgh, we’ve been hearing several things concerning the preparations for his final farewell. One such story that has come out in the Metro that Her Majesty has pulled the idea of military uniforms being worn by members of the family during her late husband’s funeral.

The reason for this has come from the report that Princes Andrew and Harry threw tantrums over not getting wear theirs during the possession while members of the family would have.

No Military Uniforms For Andrew And Harry

Now, for anyone who hasn’t been following these two; here’s a brief rundown. The Duke of York was forced to retire from public duties. This was because of his friendship with deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex was stripped of his honorary military titles after he stepped down from royal duties. He moved with his wife, Meghan and their son Archie to America.

According to the aforementioned Metro article, the members of the family who will be involved in the walk behind Prince Philip’s coffin will were originally going to wear their military uniforms as a mark of respect. However, Harry would’ve been the odd man out as he would have been the only senior royal not wearing his uniform. Andrew wouldn’t have been allowed to wear his given his… questionable past.

The article also states that Harry was upset over not being allowed to wear his uniform given his ties to the British Armed Forces in which he served for 10 years. Apparently, he wanted to wear his blues and royal uniform. You know, the one he wore on his wedding day? No? Don’t worry. There are so many different ones that the royals wear it’s hard to keep track. Anyway, wearing military uniform is a longstanding tradition at royal funerals.

However, there is a difference between Andrew’s situation and Harry’s. The Duke of York did not give up his military titles when he was stepped down from royal duties. Though, the Duke of Sussex did give up his along with his honorary titles which once belonged to his now-late grandfather. Also, it is stated that he would’ve been allowed to wear his medals.

The Sheer Entitlement Of Andrew And Harry

Just because these two royal men were in the military and are the son and grandson of Prince Philip, does not give them the right to demand they be allowed to wear their uniforms. It has also been said in the Guardian that the Queen decided against the attire to spare the Duke of Sussex the ’embarrassment’ of being the odd man out.

Hmm… I’m not sure I believe this and here’s why. Harry knew that if he gave up his royal life, his military titles would be stripped. However, he caved to his wife’s desire to return to America and followed her. He then proceed to say his father and brother were ‘trapped’ in their duties. Also, he appears to back Meghan’s claim that a member of his family was racist.

Going over to Andrew and what is that man’s problem? He refuses to admit that what Epstein did was wrong and that he had sex with a minor before making the claim ‘he doesn’t sweat’. This, to me, sounds like it’s his way of saying “I’m untouchable”.

Harry should have thought about the consequence before he decided to back down from the life he has lived for long. Also, did he learn nothing from that disastrous photoshoot he and Meghan did at a military cemetery in Los Angeles. How is it that two former working royals had an AMERICAN military cemetery closed down just so they could take photos for PR while other military families couldn’t access it? What makes them so special?

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