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Why The Believe All Women Narrative Doesn’t Work

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The philosophy of “Believe All Women” is a scam to abolish the patriarchy. While it’s more than okay to want the female populace leading the charge, what about the belief of “Believe Victims”? Domestic, Family and Sexual violence doesn’t affect only the female sex, but the men of this world too.

Believe All Women wants to reduce men to the same status women were decades ago. We’re not pro-women or pro-men. If anything, we’re pro-humanity. As we continue our fight for male domestic violence victims, we have to raise the uncomfortable topic of not always believing the female populace.

There are cases where women fake being domestic violence victims to get their hands on the children, knowing that using their gender will give them an advantage. While this does not always happen, and some men are violent towards their partners, the stereotype of “all men are violent” needs to be broken. There are some who are incapable of violence, while their female partners are the violent ones. It all depends on the situation.

The Kouri Richins Story

One case in America is a perfect example of this. Kouri Richins appeared to have an ideal life until she was arrested for allegedly poisoning her husband, Eric. She wrote a book on grief inspired by her children. Only for the truth to come out that she was the one responsible for her spouse’s death. Though she denies killing him, the case was featured on the Kendall Rae True Crime YouTube channel.

Kouri claimed to police that her husband had a drug problem, which his family refuted, and the search of the house came up clean, finding no drugs. Why did she kill him? Because he didn’t want her to close on a house that she wanted to flip for her real estate business. The house she tried to convert was considered a “money pit.” According to Kendall’s reporting, she says that the court documents say that Eric and his wife were fighting over the house.

Also, Kouri’s story would constantly change, and this led to suspicion from investigators.

In this case, the woman in the story was not believed, and now she’s in prison. While this isn’t domestic violence, it is just one of the many stories. There are women out there who have had involvement in their male partner’s deaths. We’re not trying to divide people, though we are trying to show that the female population is as capable of domestic violence as the male populace is.

Male Domestic Violence Cases Which Have Gone To Court In Australia

We’ve been looking through an archive of domestic violence cases that have gone to court in Australia. There was one that stood out that was a reverse of the Hannah Clarke case. The woman in this case in Victoria was the perpetrator and doused her De Facto partner in fuel thinner and killed him the same way Rowan Baxter killed Hannah and their three children. However, the difference here is that she blames someone else for her partner’s death.

Finally, male and female domestic violence victims should be treated equally as if there is no gender. The dominance of one gender being more of a target than another is what enflames the stereotypes that people seem to take as fact. This needs to be stamped out with a different mentality. The government is always talking about “change” when domestic violence-related deaths happen; well, that can’t occur when people’s minds are set to an old stereotype that no longer works to today’s standards, which is being enforced by a woke agenda that wants women to rule supreme.

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