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Prince Harry, Tantrums, And Why He’ll NEVER Be Happy

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The Professional Victim. Prince Harry loves to throw tantrums. I’ve spoken before about how he will never be happy. However, considering everything that has come out in recent weeks, thanks to Tom Bower’s new book Revenge, has made me reconsider a new perspective. I believe the professional victim narrative started well before Meghan Markle came on the scene. I also think that Harry’s mentality comes from his jealousy of William. We’ve said for years that neither is building a compassionate world.

Join me as I go down another rabbit hole regarding Harry, his tantrums and my new thoughts on how he’ll never be happy. Maybe he should listen to what Megyn Kelly and Dan Wootton have to say about him.

Enter Harry, Jealous Of His Brother

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Growing up, Princess Diana raised William and Harry as equals. But, while she knew William would someday be king, she feared for Harry as she knew he would struggle, and what do you know? He did have a hard time, and the reason for this was because of his innate jealousy of his brother, who would one day sit on the same throne as their grandmother and, someday, their father.

When William was young, he allegedly told his mother that he didn’t want to be king. However, Harry, who was also little then, piped up and said he would take the job. This prompted Diana to give him the nickname, GKH or Good King Harry. It appears that this has stuck in his head, and he believes he could become a monarch.

However, there is one problem. Charles, Camilla and all of the Cambridges need to be in the ground before Harry can even be considered the heir to the throne. I’ve spoken about this lot over the years, but the royalists of the Commonwealth would rather have the monarchy abolished than have the King of America as their monarch.

I happen to agree with that. I would instead drop my feet into a bucket of concrete than have to call Harry King and Meghan his Queen. Also, I am not a royalist or a republican. All I believe in is the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I agree with that sentiment one-hundred per cent.

Into The Sussex Tyre Fire

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Everything the Sussexes do turns to ash. Their professional victim narrative doesn’t do anyone any favours. The more they complain, the more people cover their ears and scream, “la la la, we can’t hear you!”

Harry is one of those people who holds a grudge and refuses to let go. He shares this trait with Meghan, as evident with her father. She cannot bring herself to forgive him for the paparazzi photos. I have some thoughts on that, but I’ll go over that at a different time. As she implied during the Oprah interview, she referred to Thomas in the past tense, indicating he was dead to her.

Meghan’s creativity is nothing short of mediocre. Her cancelled Netflix series, Pearl, failed to get very far in production. Also, Perez Hilton has said something exciting about one of the Sussexes’ docuseries. According to Snap Juneberry on Twitter, the famed celebrity blogger was on the Deux Moi World Podcast, where he said that he had seen the trailer for the docuseries, which I would assume is Heart of Invictus and that it was “boring.” Of course, it could be one of the alleged reality series too, but I don’t know and nor do I care.

The Sussexes are probably scratching their heads about why their projects keep tanking. It’s because their ideas are not original. Instead, they’ve taken something from someone else and twisted it to make it their own.

What Tom Bower Has Said About The Professional Victim Narrative

Tom Bower

Tom Bower is someone who sees through the professional victim narrative. His new book, Revenge, has revealed a lot of speculation in the press to be true. I did a whole listicle on this which has been going crazy since I published it yesterday.

From other things he mentions, Bower has said that Meghan, primarily, never used race to get ahead until she started getting desperate to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Before she started doing this, she had bought up her race only a couple of times in the past. However, as she edged closer to securing her prize, she started using her biracial heritage as a crutch as people love a victim story. However, the story didn’t stick as she wasn’t famous enough.

Brendan O’Neill of Spiked Online made an interesting comment on Sky News Australia. He said that Meghan took a comment Harry told her that Camilla had said about their son’s potential hair – note, not skin colour, to fit her victim narrative. The statement was speculated upon in Bower’s book, where he talks about rumours that were going around regarding the royal racist.

O’Neill says, as I’ve been saying, that asking what a child will look like before it is born is general curiosity. Thomas Markle told the same thing when he spoke to PDina about it before his stroke. He said that when Meghan was born, he fought with the doctor to ensure her birth certificate was marked correctly.

What William Has

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[Credit: The Sun]

To conclude this article, I wanted to explore something that I’ve covered before but has to do with Harry’s envy of William.

William has his head on straight. We’ve all seen this. He doesn’t allow people like the Sussex Squad to deter him. He accepts everyone and has never once been labelled as a racist in the press. Though, Harry has. The goon squad have called the future king racist, but I’m choosing not to include this as they’re a bunch of uneducated dirtbags who want someone to blame for Meghan’s failings.

So, Harry wanted what William had. A wife and kids. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, he chose the wrong partner. As Tom Bower says in his book, Meghan exploited Harry’s weaknesses, one of which is his late mother. This became her weapon. She ordered him to have a statement put out demanding that the press back off and that she was suffering the same fate as Diana.

Harry did as she asked as he feared he’d lose her if he didn’t, and this is what he told Jason Knauf. Meghan’s former agent even backed this up by saying she’d spoken to Markle about Harry before her first date with him.

According to Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Meghan’s former agent and friend, Markle, thoroughly Googled Harry. This was backed up in Finding Freedom by Omid Scobie; even though the Sussexes verified the information, Meghan told Oprah a different story.

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