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Who Is Luke Castellan In Percy Jackson? Who Played Luke Castellan?

Luke Castellan, Percy Jackson
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Luke Castellan is a fascinating character in Percy Jackson’s world because he knows how to play both sides of the war. The son of the mortal woman May Castellan and the Greek god Hermes, Luke starts as a friend to Percy upon his arrival at Camp Half-Blood, for it to come out later that he was anything but friendly to our titular character.

We learn early on from Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood that Luke ran away from home at age 9. Luke’s life with his parents was happy for the first year. However, his life unravelled after his mother attempted to take on the Oracle of Delphi. Hermes left, and May became unstable. Little did anyone know that Hades had cursed the Oracle of Delphi many years earlier so that no one could take on the Oracle. However, this later changed with Rachel Elizabeth Dare doing so.

Luke Castellan Meets Annabeth And Thalia

For years, Luke travelled alone, and it was miserable. He later met Thalia Grace, a fellow demigod, then aged twelve and travelled with her. Sometime after this, they came across Annabeth, who was seven then. Grover later found them and attempted to get them to Camp Half-Blood. Thalia lost her life before she could cross over the camp boundary line.

Annabeth had a massive crush on Luke for a long time, and he felt the same towards her. However, when it was revealed he was working to free the Titan Kronos, Annabeth felt conflicted. It also didn’t help that she had started developing feelings for Percy. In the final stages of the battle against Kronos’ forces, Luke left his master and died with Annabeth at his side. Before doing so, he asked if Annabeth loved him. It was this moment that changed everything for her. She admitted that once upon a time, she did, but that had changed.

It is unknown if May ever learned of her son’s death. Though, Hermes was devastated. The god felt immense guilt for his role in Luke’s downfall. If he had been there, perhaps, he could have prevented the path Luke Castellan had gone down.

Who Has Played Luke Castellan On Screen?

In the Lightning Thief and Sea of Monster movies, Luke Castellan was played by Jake Abel. Samuel Braun plays young Luke in a Sea of Monsters flashback. In the Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series for Disney+, Luke is portrayed by Charlie Bushnell, best known for playing Bobby Cañero-Reed in Diary of a Future President.

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