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Who Are The Characters We See In The Percy Jackson Trailer?

Percy Jackson series characters
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We’re a few months away from the Percy Jackson series on Disney+. A trailer recently dropped, and we’ve been a bit behind, so now we’re trying to catch up. We’ve done a trailer breakdown, too, so check that out if you have the chance. We’re covering the Percy Jackson show characters in the promo.

The trailer is only thirty seconds, but it gives us a few faces we didn’t get during the Disney+ tease at D23 last year. So, let’s jump into it, shall we?

[Credit: Disney+ on YouTube]

So the trailer shows us the lead protagonist, Percy Jackson, first with a narration that sounds like his mother, Sally Jackson.

Then, we get a shot of Ares, the God of War and the father of one of Percy’s campmates, later in the story.

The bridge-wide shot of the blue-helmeted campers is Annabeth’s team for Capture the Flag. However, we cannot tell who the campers are. Annabeth is probably one of them. We won’t know until we see the episode.

Next, we see Medusa. You can tell by the scaly-looking hair in the shot.

We have Grover revealing himself to be a Satyr due to the legs.

In the next shot, we see Annabeth for the first time with Percy and Grover. Moreover, the next shot is a closer shot of Grover.

After this, we get a close-up of Annabeth.

The creature we see is hard to make out outside of the horns. This is either the Chimera or it’s the Minotaur.

After this, we get a shot in the car with Percy, Grover and Sally when the Minotaur attacks the car but you don’t see the Minotaur’s face, though you see the arm as it smashes the window. If you know the book, you’ll see the scene.

Next, we have a voiceover from who we assume to be Zeus (RIP Lance Reddick). Or it might be Poseidon. We can’t tell from just the voice.

Finally, we have the feature photo of this post, the trio of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. That is it for our look at the Percy Jackson show characters. We shall be back with the trailer breakdown.

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