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Characters Who Appear In Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Characters

Percy Jackson is about to return to our screens through the Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series on Disney+. With the first season being based on The Lightning Thief, we wanted to explore which characters appear in the book and whether they could appear in the show.

For this post, we’re only going to include characters who appear. This does not include those who are mentioned unless they have been announced as appearing.

Main Lightning Thief Characters

  • Percy Jackson – Demigod.
  • Annabeth Chase – Demigod.
  • Grover Underwood – Satyr.

All three characters will appear in the show.


  • Sally Jackson – Percy’s mother – will appear in the show.
  • Gabe Ugilano – Percy’s stepfather and Sally’s husband – will appear.
  • Nancy Bobofit – Yancy Academy school bully – appears.


  • Poseidon – Percy’s father – will appear.
  • Ares – father of Clarisse – appears.
  • Hermes – father of Luke – doesn’t appear in the Lightning Thief book but does appear in the show.
  • Hephestus – God of the Forge – doesn’t appear in the Lightning Thief book but will appear in the show.
  • Zeus – god of the Thunder – will appear.
  • Hades – Zeus and Poseidon’s brother – will appear.
  • Dionysus “Mr D” – God of Wine – will appear.


  • Luke Castellan – will appear.
  • Clarisse La Rue – will appear.
  • Chris Rodriguez – will appear, though casting was not announced – the character does not appear in the Lightning Thief book – mentioned on the Percy Jackson updates Twitter.


  • Echidna – Mother of Monsters – appears
  • Chiron – Centaur – appears
  • Medusa – will appear
  • Mrs Dodds/Alecto – Fury – appears
  • Minotaur – will appear

It is unknown if the Scorpion that stings Percy at the end of the story will appear, and we don’t know whether Kronos will be involved in the series yet.

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