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The Bold And The Beautiful: Will Quinn Lose Eric Due To Her Vendetta Against Brooke?

When you’re a Forrester, a vendetta is good for the soul, right? Wrong! Could Quinn lose Eric due to her hatred for Brooke?

Eric Forrester has always had a soft spot for the Logans. He was married to two of the sisters and had children with one and adopted the son of another. However, his current wife, Quinn cannot stand Brooke. She’s going to use footage she’s taken from Shauna’s phone to out her rival as a cheater. Though, will her vendetta against the matriarch cause her to lose her husband?

Quinn Wants To Be Forrester Matriarch

Catfights and vendettas are nothing new to The Bold and the Beautiful. They’ve been going on since the show began in 1987. Normally, it’s two women fighting over a man. Cue the Brooke/Taylor war of words. However, have they ever fought over a position in a family?

Hmmm. We can’t remember. Anyway, when Stephanie Forrester died in Brooke’s arms, she passed on the mantle of matriarch to her. Now, Quinn thinks because she is now Eric’s wife, the title should be hers. It was noted by her husband and arch-enemy that she and the OG lady of the manor would have killed each other. They’re right on both accounts.

Quinn has never liked the Logans because to her, they think they’re better than everyone else. No, they don’t think they are, but that’s not the point of this argument. We’re trying to drive the point home that anyone who is friendly with Eric, sans his family, is a threat and forms a vendetta. She also doesn’t have a reason for hating of the people she hates. it’s just pointless hatred with no weight behind it.

Long Live Stephanie Forrester, The TRUE Matriarch

Long before Quinn ever entered Eric’s life, there was his on-off wife Stephanie Douglas. The namesake for one of her granddaughters and her great-grandson, Stephanie was the true matriarch of the Forrester family. She was tough and she had more than one vendetta against the Logans. Not to mention, she clashed with Brooke more than once and even took Hope and RJ from her at one point.

However, towards the end of her life, Stephanie apologised to Brooke for all the years of blame and bestows her as the new Forrester Matriarch. This was a surprise given her friendship and admiration for Taylor. However, the doc didn’t know the ins and out of the family the way her frenemy did. The rift healed to the point that the cancer-ridden Stephanie died in Brooke’s arms.

According to a discussion between Eric and Brooke, Quinn and Stephanie would have ripped each other apart. We like to compare this to a pack of wild dogs going after the same piece of meat.

Quinn might claim to understand Stephanie’s hatred for Brooke, but she doesn’t know how deep it goes. Brooke has done so much for the family over the years and that was why she took over from Eric’s late wife. There is one thing she won’t have on her side; Eric.

Eric Sides With Brooke?

Whenever it comes to Brooke and Quinn waging war on each other, Eric is often stuck in the middle. He has been married to both women and has children with one of them. However, will his current wife lose him due to her vendetta?

Quinn thinks she’s untouchable because she’s the ‘Forrester Matriarch’ due to her marriage to Eric. What she doesn’t realise is her cockiness will only get her so far. Yes, Ridge and Katie will be angry, but to the extent as the patriarch will be when he discovers his wife’s treachery. Not to mention, this puts Shauna in an impossible position too.

Despite having taken the video, Shauna has a conscience and doesn’t want to ruin Ridge and Brooke’s relationship to make herself happy. Her crush’s marriage is more important. Though, we want to see if she turns on Quinn after she learns that she sent the video to her phone without her knowing about it.

We know Quinn will come clean about uploading the video to the frame so we need to think about how Eric will react. He’ll be hurt by her actions and probably demand to know why she set out to ruin Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Could this be the last straw?

Ridge Runs To Vegas!

According to spoilers, Ridge will be so hurt by his wife’s betrayal that he will go and seek out Shauna in Vegas. Now, we don’t know what’s going to happen. They could sleep together or anything. Who knows, but it appears they make a pact and we have a pretty good feeling we know what it is. We’re not going to spoil our theory, but we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens next.

Quinn won’t stop unless something really bad happens like Eric calls her out or something. Perhaps Shauna will jump in and defend her rival. Perhaps that will make Brooke see her in a new light. Who knows but we have our fingers and toes crossed for something positive.

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