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Who Is Athena In Percy Jackson?

Athena, Percy Jackson

As we get closer to the release of Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+, we will explore the gods that won’t appear just yet. First up, we have Athena, the mother of lead character, Annabeth Chase. There is so much to go over with the Goddess of Wisdom. Let’s jump in, shall we?

The favourite daughter of Zeus, Athena, was born when her father came down with a splitting headache, which came after he turned his first wife, Metis, into a fly while she was pregnant and swallowed her. Athena emerged from her father’s head fully grown, dressed in armour.

In the centuries that followed, Athena would maintain her virginity but would have what she called “brain children” with her chosen lovers, which is where she combines her mind with theirs. She had a son, with Hephaestus, named Erichthonius, who became the king of her city state, Athens. She loves all of her children and is one of the few gods who claim their kids upon their births.

Athena also has a fierce rivalry with her uncle, Poseidon, where they fight over Athens. She hates him as much as he does her as she turned his girlfriend, Medusa, into a gorgon after they “made out” in one of her temples.

Editor’s Note: this is the Percy Jackson version, not the actual myth where the story is much darker.

Athena considers her demigod daughter, Annabeth Chase, her “pride and joy.” The pair would create strategies together. However, they would clash over Annabeth’s relationship with Poseidon’s demigod son, Percy Jackson. Athena would eventually help him out rather than turn him in. She has become more civil towards Percy as time has gone on.

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