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5 Simple Crochet Stitches For Beginners

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Crochet can be very easy to grasp if you learn the basics; aside from being cost-effective, the only things required are a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. As a beginner, I have learned to do the single crochet stitch, which I learned in about a week. I’m currently in the middle of a massive project for my sister for Christmas. However, I am eager to learn several other stitches so I have more to work with outside of what I already know. That’s where this post comes in. I wanted to put together a five simple crochet stitches article for anyone looking to begin their journey in crochet.

Over time, I will learn to do these other simple crochet stitches myself. There are a ton of these lists out there, but I wanted to highlight one of them. The website with some of this information is Sarah Marker. The five we’ll briefly discuss here include the chain stitch, the single crochet, the double crochet, the granny stitch and the slip stitch. We will not be discussing technique. Also, a mix of terms may be used in the US or the UK.

1. The Chain Stitch – Simple Crochet Stitches

simple crochet stitches
[Credit: Crochet and Stitches]

As the name suggests, the chain stitch is one of the most essential stitches of all the crochet stitches out there. For any beginner, this simple crochet stitch is the foundation of any project. It works with any basic stitch.

The chain stitch is also used at the end of a single crochet row. For a look at how to do the chain, here’s a video by Fiber Flux:

[Credit: Fiber Flux]

2. Single Crochet – Simple Crochet Stitch Ever

[Credit: Easy Crochet]

Being the beginner crocheter that I am, I needed simple crochet stitches to work with. It took me a little bit to get a hang of the single crochet. It is relatively easy once you get the gist of it. Like all crochet stitches, keeping the whole project from forming a triangle shape is challenging if you’re a beginner. I advise using stitch markers, paper clips or safety pins to mark the ends of the row. Also, do a turning chain stitch once you reach the end of a row. If you don’t, this often leads to the mentioned triangle.

For a look at how to do the single crochet, here’s a look at a video by Crochet Guru:

[Credit: Crochet Guru]

3. Double Crochet

simple crochet stitches
[Credit: Craftmumship]

One simple crochet stitch that I have not had a chance to try yet is the double crochet. It is a lot like the single but has an extra component. For a better explanation, here’s a look at how to do it by Melanie Ham:

4. Granny Square

simple crochet stitches
[Credit: Gathered]

Now, this next one isn’t a stitch but a series of stitches. It is also the one my mum can do outside of the single crochet. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the granny square. As you can see above, many versions of the granny square exist.

The stitches in a granny square include chains, double crochets and slip stitches. However, it may depend on the type of design you’re doing.

Here’s one example by Bella Coco:

[Credit: Bella Coco]

5. Slip Stitches

[Credit: HappyBerry Crochet]

Of all the crochet stitches you’ll learn throughout our journey, the slip stitch will be used as often as the chain stitch. It can even be used by knitters, according to The Spruce Crafts.

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