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Who And What Is Grover Underwood In Percy Jackson?

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You cannot have a Percy Jackson book without Grover Underwood, the titular character’s best friend. A satyr who has constantly had blunder after blunder, Grover is someone that Percy needs in his life. Despite having started the first year of their friendship as a lie, Grover always was Percy’s friend. However, he could not risk being exposed and failing yet another assignment. After all, he barely managed to protect Annabeth and Luke, which also led to Thalia’s near demise.

The pair become friends when Grover goes undercover as a student at Yancy Academy, a private school for juveniles with “bad behaviour.” Percy constantly had to protect Underwood from bullies, especially Nancy Bobofit, a kleptomaniac.

Percy is fiercely protective of Grover but unaware that Underwood is protecting him. After it is revealed that the satyr is watching over Jackson, Percy is disappointed that he was lied to, but the anger doesn’t last long.

Our favourite satyr is quick to point out that despite being much older than Percy is, being in his mid-late twenties (which is young for satyrs because they age much slower than humans), he was still Jackson’s friend.

Thanks to his friendship with Percy, Grover became bold and less nervous about defending himself in front of his superiors. Because of this, he was able to get his position as the head of the Council of Cloven Elders.

Thanks to Percy, Grover is now less scared of the world around him, and his friends have never held him accountable for what happened with Thalia.

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