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Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn In Star Wars?

Thrawn, Star Wars

Ahsoka is less than a day away, and we’re finally talking about the live-action Star Wars debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn. We’ve already spoken about Lars Mikkelsen playing the Chiss leader, reprising the role from Star Wars Rebels. So, who is the feared admiral? Please remember that this is just a brief breakdown of the character. If you want the character’s entire history in canon and legends, please go to the link above, as it will take you to the Wookieepedia page.

Born as Kivu’raw’nuru on the planet Renor, Thrawn was adopted by the Mitth family, becoming known as Mitth’raw’nuru during his time in the military. This name, in turn, would be shortened to Thrawn. Thrawn has one biological sister.

Thrawn was not well-liked amongst his people, the Chiss. He was well-known for his prowess in military strategy. After leaving the Unknown Regions, he became caught up in the Clone Wars. He would meet and admire the famed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

They would join forces again after Thrawn joins the Imperial ranks and Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. Years later, the Chiss, now Grand Admiral, comes across the Spectres, a group of rebels led by Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus.

Tactics Of Grand Admiral Thrawn

One of the most significant aspects of Thrawn’s tactics is examining art closest to the individual he’s studying. In Hera’s case, he used a Syndulla family heirloom that depicts her as a child, her father Cham, and her late mother Eleni. He even mentions she had a brother who died young.

He also created the TIE defender, which was later destroyed. His goal was to beat Orson Krennic out for funding. However, the Ghost crew destroyed the factory that was building the weapon. Moreover, the funding went to Krennic, which went towards creating the first Death Star.

Conclusively, the last time we see Thrawn is when Ezra Bridger spirits him away into the unknown regions of space.

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