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Which Events from Previous Star Wars Media Could Be Referenced In Ahsoka?

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Events in Star Wars are often one continuous stream where you don’t need to continue on the same path. You can pick at any point in the timeline. Regarding the upcoming series, Ahsoka, what is referenced will be one of the essential aspects outside of the characters (including Anakin – yes, Hayden is now officially in Ahsoka) and the story. It’s a shame we won’t get a Natalie Portman appearance as Padmé. That’s where we have to question which events from The Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels, The Clone Wars, amongst others, will be referenced. Let’s not forget that Ahsoka is a massive part of the Mandoverse.

That’s what we’re covering in this post, the events that could be referenced in Ahsoka. We know very little about the show’s plot, but we know there’s at least one event we’re aware of that might be mentioned. We’ll mention it a little later.

The Clone Wars

Let’s begin with an obvious one. The Clone Wars event will be referenced, as mentioned during recent promos. Including a recent television spot called Force, where Ahsoka mentions it by name, and Anakin says, “in this war.”

[Credit: Star Wars – YouTube]

It makes the most sense as that is where Ahsoka and Anakin met during the Battle of Christophsis. We know Anakin will likely appear during flashbacks or memories and maybe as a Force Ghost. Events from the Clone Wars that might be referenced include (not in order):

  • Battle of Christophsis
  • Siege of Mandalore
  • What happened on Mortis with the Force gods
  • Barriss frames Ahsoka for terrorism
  • Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order
  • Ahsoka taking younglings to Ilum with Huyang
  • Duels with the Kaleesh warrior General Grevious
  • The duel during the Clone Wars with Darth Maul and a potential reference to his history with Ahsoka and maybe Obi-Wan
  • Rivalry with Ventress

Ahsoka Learns The Truth About Anakin Being Vader

One of the most critical aspects of Ahsoka’s story with Anakin, outside of her Jedi Order departure, is her duel with him on Malachor and earlier discovery of the truth of who the Sith Lord who was pursuing the Ghost was during the Season 2 premiere of Rebels.

Also, having this mentioned would be a surefire way to get casual Star Wars fans up to par. Furthermore, it would explain how Anakin and Ahsoka are connected outside the Jedi.

Ezra And Thrawn’s Disappearance

We’ve seen very little of Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn in promo material for the show. Though, the Chiss leader got a couple of references in The Mandalorian. Despite there being no direct reference to Bridger, there has been a few indirect references in Mandalorian, including the Purgill that spirited him and the Grand Admiral away during the Rebels finale.

We know both will appear, but they need to be referenced before they appear, as it will confuse people as to who they are if they show up.

Kanan’s Death In Rebels And Jacen’s Birth

Moreover, Kanan’s death must be addressed in Ahsoka to explain why he’s not around for Jacen and Hera. Given how connected everyone is, it would be a good idea to have some breakdown. It could be of who he is as a character. A brief explanation of how he connects to everyone else in the story would work even better.

In conclusion, while it does not have to be referenced in detail, we may need a quick reference to Jacen’s birth.

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