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Alleged Wife Killer Chris Dawson To Stand Trial


Chris Dawson tried and failed to stop a trial from happening…

We knew Chris Dawson was an evil bastard, but even he can’t deny the truth; he killed his first wife, Lynette so he could be with his then-teenage lover, Joanne Curtis. While the first Mrs. Dawson’s body has never been found, her husband has always pleaded his innocence. Pedestrian.TV reports that a trial will allow the evidence to be heard.

Lynette disappeared in early 1982, leaving behind her two young daughters whom she would never have left. Joanne would have her own daughter with Chris and would raise Lyn’s daughters as her own as part of her husband’s sick fantasy.

Chris Dawson has always maintained that his ex-wife is still alive but there is no proof to support his claims.

The Lynnette Dawson case became a topic of a podcast by a well-respected journalist whom we will not mention to avoid a lawsuit. We also will keep the name of the podcast under wraps. The podcast also bought to light the grooming of underage school girls in the 80s and 90s by some of their male teachers.

What Will The Trial Revolve Around? Why Would Chris Not Want One?

No details have emerged about the contents of the Dawson trial but we can speculate.

The trial will likely establish whether Chris did murder Lyn. His motive would be another talking point and what he hoped to gain from killing his wife. Also, the possibility of having accomplices which would likely include his identical twin brother, Paul, Joanne, and anyone else who might’ve helped him.

Now, unlike other murder trials, it would work much differently as they would be working solely with witnesses and circumstantial evidence as there’s no body.

Finally, we get onto the good part. Why wouldn’t Chris want a trial?

If we had to guess, he doesn’t want people learning the truth of what he did and allowing it to ruin his reputation within the community. The podcast – which shall remain unnamed – has already raised questioned surrounding his younger years as a high school teacher.

The podcast did imply he had a bit of an ego and wouldn’t allow his ex-wife’s name to be uttered in the house. As far as he was concerned, Joanne was the perfect mother for his and Lyn’s daughters.

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