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Who Is Morgan Elsbeth In Star Wars?

Morgan Elsbeth, Star Wars

Morgan Elsbeth is the only original character from The Mandalorian to appear in Ahsoka that we know of. There might be more later, but this is Star Wars. Anything can happen. With Ahsoka coming very soon, we wanted to explore who Morgan was before she joined forces in looking for the Grand Admiral.

There’s not a lot of information on Morgan Elsbeth outside of what was referenced in The Mandalorian episode The Jedi. However, there is speculation also that is unconfirmed.

So, Morgan Elsbeth was raised during The Clone Wars. Her people were massacred, which made her enraged and bitter. After Palpatine reformed the Republic into the Empire, Elsbeth assisted the Imperial Army in gathering the required strength to take down the rebellion.

Morgan Elsbeth Informs Her Beliefs

After the death of the Emperor and the redemption and death of his chief enforcer Darth Vader, Elsbeth would still maintain her ties with what remained of the Empire. She became the magistrate of the world Typhon and would come into contact with former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

When Din Djarin arrives on the planet looking for a Jedi recommended to him by Bo-Katan Kryze to train his adoptive son, then known as The Child, Elsbeth tells him to kill Ahsoka, and she’ll give him a spear made out of beskar as payment.

Reluctant, Din and the child come across Ahsoka and reveal what Morgan Elsbeth wants them to do. Ahsoka explains what she knows about the woman’s backstory.

A fight erupts between the magistrate’s force and the townspeople, who are tied up and enslaved if they don’t comply. Ahsoka and Din can corner Morgan Elsbeth. Ahsoka fights her and narrowly wins, demanding to know where Grand Admiral Thrawn is.

Behind The Scenes

Finally, a behind-the-scenes piece of speculation about Morgan Elsbeth comes from the hairdresser of Diana Lee Inosanto, the actress who plays the character.

According to the hairdresser, the character is a Dathomiran Nightsister. However, this was not confirmed in the actor’s introduction, and there has been no confirmation.

The trailers for Ahsoka appear to point in this direction, as there is a shot of her conquering green flames while using potential dark magic to activate a star map.

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