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Prince William And Princess Catherine Showed Harry And Meghan How It’s Truly Done And Why Celebrities Love Them  – OPINION

If you were to Google ‘William and Kate news’ you would get many headlines like the Prince of Wales attending the celebrities-studded London leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour with Prince George, and Princess Charlotte, where Catherine unable to attend. You would also get articles about the Princess of Wales being at Trooping the Colour.

Meanwhile, if you were to Google ‘Harry and Meghan news’ it would come up with the newest GB News story about how Markle wants American Riviera Orchard’s first product to be Rosé wine. You’d see a puff piece from about how the Sussexes want to ‘end the feud’ with Princess Kate. There is also a piece by Sky News Australia about how catty the Montecito duo have been during Catherine’s health crisis. We could go on.

What do you notice about the different headlines? Prince William and Catherine’s are positive. Harry and Meghan reveal their hypocrisy and how far they’re willing to outdo the Waleses and the other royals.

Fake Car Stories And ‘History Repeating Itself’

Prince Harry once said he was afraid of fate repeating itself. Well, history has done this very thing, but not in the way he claims. His concern was that Meghan would suffer the same tragic fate as his mother, Princess Diana.

We all know what happened with the fake car chase through New York City. The Sussexes claimed to have been pursued by the paparazzi. However, we all know how that turned out, especially since Eric Adams, the NYC mayor and the NYPD said there was no evidence. This was backed up by Backgrid who said via their spokesperson that it was the Sussexes’ security who were driving recklessly.

There is also evidence it was set up as Meghan was seen in the back of the taxi, smirking. The Sussexes and Doria Ragland were also not wearing seatbelts. This also goes together with photos that Harry and Markle released via their Netflix whinge fest of Meghan in particular sitting in the back of a moving car with Archie in her lap. Neither of them is wearing a seatbelt.

Seatbelt Safety Is Vital

Whenever you see the Wales children in the back of a car, they’re always wearing seatbelts. They are also not sitting in their parents’ laps. We’ve never seen the Sussexes use car seats for their children. Every time we see them in a car, there aren’t any boosters seen. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, it is dangerous to have a child sitting in your lap in a moving vehicle.

Do Harry and Meghan believe they are above the law? Do their drivers (let’s get real, they have them, we saw it during Netflix) drive below the speed limit? Also, do the security people not care about the safety of their clients? Even the president wears his seatbelt.

Where Was This Going?

So, we’re 500 words into this article and you’re probably wondering where this is going. There’s an explanation, we promise! So, Meghan loves the brag she has “A-list celebrity friends.” We say this loosely, of course.

Well, let’s look at that, shall we? Also, as a side note, this doesn’t include friends in sports.

Idris Elba

So, Meghan tried to make the whole world believe she was friends with Oprah, the Clooneys and Idris Elba when she invited them to her wedding in May 2018.

Idris Elba has a history with the royal family, due to his involvement with The Prince’s Trust, so he doesn’t count. Also, Harry knows him.

The Clooneys

Anyway, the Clooneys told one of Harry’s godmothers that they didn’t know the Sussexes. Later, George defended Meghan to the press. The question is why.

Then, all of a sudden, the Sussexes’ relationship with the Clooneys was non-existent. You cannot get much bigger to Hollywood royalty than George Clooney.


We know what happened with Oprah, so we won’t go over it again. Spoiler alert. She ended up scrubbing her ‘best interview ever’ from the internet and issuing some stupid excuse as to why no one could find it.

The Suits Cast + Abigail Spencer

Next, we the Suits cast. They’re not A-listers. C-listers at best. Again, they know Meghan and therefore, don’t count. They were ghosted too. Mostly. Patrick J Adams praises Markle a lot, much to the chagrin of his wife, Troian, as seen at the Golden Globes. However, she still has contact with Abigail Spencer.

Honorary Mentions

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas

After Megxit

Meghan and Harry have allegedly become friends with the following A-listers:

  • Tracee Ellis Ross – daughter of Diana Ross and sister of Evan Ross, the husband of Ashlee Simpson
  • Mindy Kaling – comedian
  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi
  • Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
  • Beyoncé (and Jay-Z) – really pre-Megxit but we’re including it here because of the Netflix reference
  • James Cordon – same as Beyoncé, but Harry’s interview with him was pre-Oprah
  • Tyler Perry
  • Jameela Jamil

Let’s debunk some of these, beginning with Beyoncé.

Beyoncé (and Jay-Z)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are very private people. Also, Meghan likely made up that she had gotten a text from Beyoncé. We didn’t see the text, just like we didn’t see the one Harry allegedly got from Prince William after the Oprah interview.

For all we know, someone else could have sent those texts. Also, it’s easy for Meghan to pretend that she was an actress. All they’d need to make it believable is a text message sound effect.

Also, Beyoncé was present at The Lion King premiere in London when Harry was pimping Meghan for voice work at Disney to Bob Iger. She could see what they were doing.

Jameela Jamil

Okay, this one is a no-brainer as Jameela Jamil is as much a diva as Meghan is. She is a notorious bully who picked on Caroline Flack and cries racism where there is none. She is a woke warrior who has defended Meghan multiple times, yet she has no issues crying victim when people are calling her out.

Tyler Perry

Next, this one has ties to Oprah as Tyler Perry is one of her dearest friends. Also, Tyler has called the royals racist without a second thought. Yet, it is alleged he assaulted someone. How true this is, we don’t know. What do they say? You are the company you keep.

James Cordon

An alleged notorious bully himself, James Cordon, hasn’t been seen with Prince Harry since their Hollywood bus tour interview.

Ellen (And Portia)

We know Ellen DeGeneres is a bully in Hollywood. Does anyone remember that trainwreck of an interview she did with Dakota Johnson? Anyway, Meghan has become friends with her. A bully will always befriend another bully, that much is clear.

However, Meghan claimed on The Tig, that it was Ellen who told her to adopt Bogart, the dog she later abandoned in Canada. We know that Markle and Harry were at the surprise vow renewal of Ellen and Portia. She also rescued one of the couple’s bullied chickens… allegedly.

However, it appears that Ellen doesn’t appear to remember telling Meghan to adopt Bogart. Hmm. Interesting.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy is an interesting one as you don’t hear from her a whole lot. She has appeared at events with Harry after she was a guest on Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes. She also received a pot of the American Riviera Orchard strawberry jam.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee is one of the few people who have resurfaced as one of Meghan’s marching groupies. She got a PR pack for Markle’s 40×40 Initiative that didn’t go anywhere, and she received the ARO jam.

Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry

Orlando and Katy are the biggest names on this list. At one point, it is rumoured that Bloom and Perry were friends with the Sussexes. However, it appears to have soured after Katy said in an interview that she liked Catherine’s wedding dress better and that Meghan’s needed at least one more fitting.

Then we have Orlando who voiced Harry in the now cancelled animated series, The Prince.

There was a story that came out recently of how Orlando and Katy had taken their daughter, Daisy, to Lilibet’s 3rd birthday party.

This was later debunked by Gwyneth Paltrow, who was also believed to have been the party, who was with Katy and Daisy at a separate location. Also, there was no time in Perry’s travel schedule as she would’ve been on a plane at the time of the alleged festivities.

Why Celebrities Are Drawn To William And Catherine

Celebrities love mingling with royals, especially William and Catherine. Most can smell when something isn’t genuine. Look at Meghan being rejected by Taylor Swift as one example of this.

Also, there have been many celebrities who have attended bigger royal-related events than Harry and Meghan’s networking… oops, we mean, wedding.

Look at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. She had bigger stars there than Harry and Meghan did and she’s friends with every non-family member she invited. Ellie Goulding was in attendance as one example.

Celebrities, especially, the A-list, are drawn to William and Catherine because they are genuine people. They don’t use their titles to make themselves out to be mightier than thou. Look at how much Reese Witherspoon geeked out when she met Kate a few years ago. This could have been a reason why Meghan wanted her at the wedding.

Though, we know she wanted Witherspoon to allow her access to her production company, Hello Sunshine. Then we have the case of Gwyneth Paltrow, the literal QUEEN of lifestyle brands. Goop has been a massive success and is worth millions.

Not to mention, Gwyneth showed her support for Catherine when she posted a comment on one of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram posts.

This also dispels that she wants to be friends with Meghan or have any association with her brand, American Riviera Orchard.

Celebrities Know Better

If celebrities want royals to attend premieres, they tend to stay on their good side. Look at how Daniel Craig and Tom Cruise were overjoyed to have William and Catherine attend their premieres for No Time To Die and Top Gun: Maverick, respectively.

Also, it’s well known that many celebrities are involved in royal charities. Idris Elba is an example of this. It was the Prince’s Trust, the King’s charity that helped him become the performer he is today. Many celebs have worked with Queen Camilla on her literary charity.

Then we have the likes of Cate Blanchett and Robert Irwin who worked with Prince William on The Earthshot Prize.

Harry’s charities don’t have that much pull, if any. Everything he does revolves around his mother to some degree. However, some celebrities know Diana’s work, and honour her without milking the connection. Also, he’s a certified hypocrite for preaching about climate change when he takes private jets and claims it’s for safety reasons.

People don’t want to have to relive the trauma of her death each time they meet Harry, knowing he’ll bring Princess Diana up in conversation. That is the last they need. If anything, it would turn them off even discussing anything with him in fear it would be leaked.

In conclusion, celebrities also value royals, knowing that they will keep their conversations to themselves and not leak them to the media.

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