Prince Louis Is NOTHING Like Prince Harry

Louis Harry

There is a lot of talk about how much Prince Louis is like his estranged uncle, Prince Harry. However, there are no similarities between the two. One was raised to be well-mannered and the other got off being misbehaved and it reflects on his life now.

Prince Louis is a mischievous little boy with a massive heart. When his parents put his big sister, Princess Charlotte, in charge of him during the possession into Westminster Abbey, he was well-behaved. Imagine if Charles had become king much earlier in life than he did. Harry would have had a much bigger role in the coronation, and he might’ve been more loyal if his wife wasn’t in the picture.

Also, Prince Louis hasn’t been seen yelling at one of his parents in public. While there was that incident at the Platinum Jubilee concert where he was misbehaving, he was four years old sitting at an event that was too long for him. However, people like Omid Scobie claim that he’s acting out or he has a learning difficulty. If you’re on social media and in the Megxit community, you’ll what we’re talking about.

Prince Louis Listens To Those Around Him, Prince Harry Does Not

Louis might be a mischievous child, but when he is told to do something, like stop fidgeting or stand at the ready, he does it. When his uncle was at the same age, he refused to listen to anyone.

When Harry was a toddler, he and his mother, Princess Diana, were dressed in the same colour at Trooping the Colour. He stuck his tongue out much to the embarrassment of Diana. William, who was standing in front of them, was none the wiser. Why? Because he knew how to behave himself.

Diana; meltdown; bed
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Louis is known for his theatrics, which is why people love and adore him. He even got the approval of his late great-grandmother, The Queen, who saw her great-grandson as being a child who does child things.

Returning to Harry, let’s look at him as an adult. When he met his current wife, Meghan Markle, people including his brother, grandfather Prince Philip and his best friend, Tom Inskip, told him to get to know her before jumping into marriage.

Harry, being the epitome of arrogance, told his brother he was a snob. William was merely concerned that Meghan was using his sibling to elevate herself into a bigger category of fame. He, unfortunately, was right.

A Different Upbringing

George, Charlotte and Louis are being raised in a loving home where they are not favoured over each other. William and Catherine treat them as normal children and not as the heir and his two spare siblings.

Harry and William were raised by parents who were unsuited for each other. Charles and Diana had nothing in common and the age gap was something to behold. There was a 13-year age gap between the couple.

William and Catherine are the same age with Catherine being about 6 months older than her husband and they have plenty in common.

Meghan is three years older than Harry. While this isn’t a problem, she and her redheaded hubby have zero in common.

There are plenty of rumours adrift that Meghan favours Archie over Lilibet. Imagine if this is true, those kids are going to grow up resenting each other and it will be their mother’s fault.

When Siblings Grow Up

George, Charlotte and Louis are seen to be quite close. William and Catherine have always been hands-on with their children. They don’t venture away on work trips unless it is necessary.

Also, Charlotte is the one who is often in charge of Louis during official events.

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Once upon a time, William and Harry were deemed as close as brothers can be. However, as they’ve gotten older, it has become apparent that they are very different men. One values the monarchy and the standards put in place by their late grandmother. The other wants to bring down everyone who has ever wronged or denied him something he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

Catherine, meanwhile, is very close to both her sister and brother. They, in return, are respectful of her. When Catherine revealed her cancer diagnosis, her brother, James, posted a picture of the two of them as kids as his way of supporting her.

Meghan, despite claiming she was raised as an only child, had some kind of relationship with both her half-siblings. She doesn’t care about them now because they know where her skeletons are buried.

Louis Is A Respectful Child, Harry Was Not

Prince Louis is a respectful child who isn’t seen climbing out of carriages, sticking his tongue out at photographers or interrupting his mother during interviews. He also listens to his parents when he’s told to behave.

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Harry, even as a child, was out of control. Now, he’ll claim that he’s traumatised by the media, despite doing pap shots on the orders of his wife. What adds to Harry’s plight is that he thought he had to compete with William.

Louis doesn’t compete with George and Charlotte. He doesn’t need to as he knows full well he is loved by everyone within his family. There is even an adorable picture where he, as a baby, is being hugged by his grandfather.

[Credit: Sky News]

Harry doesn’t have these types of pictures of his children being hugged by The King. Why? Because he doesn’t want the kids to have any relationship with his or Meghan’s families.

Louis is a kind, little boy, who loves to have fun but even he understands that there is a limit to his antics.

For Harry, there was no limit. All people did was call it cute and it became like a metaphoric drug to him.

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