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Prince Harry Complains He Never Had A Good Relationship With His Family – We Say Otherwise

Harry complains

Why can’t King Charles III’s youngest son, Prince Harry, be more like Princess Anne? If anything, the Duke of Sussex has become more equal to Prince Andrew, a spoilt brat who, like Harry, complains about everything. Queen Elizabeth II would be rolling in her grave at how her second-youngest grandson treats his father and older brother, Prince William. If Prince Philip were still alive, he’d clip Harry around the ear and tell him to be respectful.

Prince Harry has completed the 10th-anniversary church service of the Invictus Games, his next stop will be Nigeria. According to his wife, Meghan Markle, it is her new homeland. The couple’s two children, Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor will not travel to their mother’s “ancestral home.”

It’s no secret that there have been fractions between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the British Royal Family. But how does something so positive become so toxic? It has to do with the former actress and the decisions that are constantly being made.

We’re going to start with the Invictus Games in 2014. The event, which was set up by the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, is a massive contributor. It has become the forefront of the issues in today’s climate with the two royal sides.

The Claiming Of The Invictus Games

The first issue that comes to mind regarding Harry’s relationship with the British Royal family is the Invictus Games. The event debuted in 2014 in London and was a smashing success. The then-Prince of Wales (now His Majesty The King), Prince William and many other family members showed up in support.

Fast-forward to the Toronto Invictus Games in 2017, and this is the year Meghan Markle made herself known as Harry’s plus one. She attended the games to show off that she and the prince, whom she would later call “my husband”, “H” and “this one” were a serious item.

Not to mention, Harry would later claim he created the Invictus Games alone. This is not the case. The event was created via The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. There is evidence to back it up as you see in the tweet below.

Another issue that arrives is that Meghan Markle makes the Invictus Games all about her fashion. It is rumoured that the bosses at the Invictus Games aren’t happy with how the last couple of events have gone. It is believed that the Invictus Foundation wanted to cut the Sussexes out, and Harry essentially threatened them, saying, “If you cut us out, you won’t have Meghan as your biggest draw to the Invictus Games.”

Invictus Has Become The Meghan Markle Show

Harry is kind of right in this scenario, but his logic is wrong. The reason why Invictus gets the little coverage it does is because of Meghan’s abysmal fashion choices and her actions. She walks in short-shorts in a military possession she has no right to be a part of as she never served. You don’t see the husbands and wives of the competitors marching, nor would you see it on Remembrance Day, ANZAC Day or any other memorial day.

The only time you would see any family member marching is if they are a spouse or descendant of someone who has long since passed. You see it in the ANZAC Day marches that happen each year.

Meghan’s Attitude Towards Everything

When Prince Harry announced to his family he was dating Meghan Markle, what struck them the most outlandish was her attitude. Despite the similarities with the late Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson who was also an American divorcée, that was not what was important to them. They hoped her behaviour would change.

Meghan can be charming. However, many members of the royal family saw through her act. Catherine, the then-Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, Camilla, the then-Duchess of Cornwall and it has been said, the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, all through her stunt.

Tom Bower wrote in his book, Revenge, that even Harry’s hunting buddies and their partners, hated Meghan upon their first meeting. Text messages would jump between the group’s members about how Markle was criticising them for their opinions.

Bower’s book explains that Meghan didn’t appreciate that the group had been making jokes about feminism, transgender people and sexism. While it’s understandable why she would feel this way, the larger issue was that she was trying to conform Harry’s friends to her way of thinking. If they couldn’t, they would be removed from their friend circle. Also, she reprimanded them when her boyfriend (later husband) was not in earshot.

When Meghan became a royal, she had a problem with the idea that she would have to work. In her mind, she would walk around castles in tiaras and ball gowns and use a footman as an ottoman. Her idea of royalty is not what it is realistically.

Prince Harry Once Saw Catherine, The Princess Of Wales, As A Sister

It is no secret that Prince Harry and Princess Kate used to be close. Now, they cannot be in the same space.

Prince Harry took several swipes at Catherine in his book, Spare. He claims that Kate stole William from him when they married. The now-married brother suddenly had no time for his annoying little brother and it was Kate Middleton’s fault.

Isn’t that what people do when they get married? They have their newlywed bubble reserved for them and their new spouse. It’s not rocket science. Also, Catherine never treated Harry like an outsider. She has a brother herself, James Middleton, who she is very close to. As far as she was concerned, Harry was another brother. Before Meghan twisted his views, he thought of his sister-in-law as “the sister he never had” as alleged in a Yahoo! Lifestyle article in 2017.

Then came the claims that William never loved his wife and that he had only married her because “she fit the mould” and that none of the men in the royal family wed for love. We know that is a crock of bull. The late Queen’s uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry a woman (Wallis Simpson) whom he adored, but little did he realise that she never loved him. What about his grandparents, The Queen and Prince Philip? Her Majesty, even as a teenager, only had eyes for Philip.

What about Prince Edward and Sophie? Of all the Queen’s children, Edward is the only one who has never been divorced. William and Catherine are soul mates.

It would not be surprising if Meghan Markle has a Google Alert on her phone or through her email with the words “Kate Middleton News” or “Prince William Kate Middleton divorce.”

Why Is Prince Harry Suddenly Obsessed With Meghan Markle Being His New “Mummy”?

Royal Commentator Kinsey Schofield told Dan Wootton on Dan Wootton Outspoken that she had been told that at the Platinum Jubilee in 2022, Meghan was overheard by Princess Beatrice telling Prince Harry that his mother had told her during yoga that she was glad they were there.

This would not be the first time, Meghan has claimed to be channelling Princess Diana. There was a rumour where it was claimed that one of the times the Sussexes were in New York, they met with a psychic and Markle ended up “possessed” by Diana. Then, there’s what Harry wrote in Spare. He took Meghan to only to go back to find her on her knees with her hands on the gravestone. She claimed she asked her late mother-in-law for ‘clarity’ and ‘guidance.’

This is concerning behaviour from Meghan because she is acting on her natural impulses to deceive. She needs a firm grip on her husband and she knows his main weakness is his mother. Not to mention, there was the alleged perfume on their first date to get Harry to believe that Diana had led Meghan to him.

Prince Harry is in pain and has been since Meghan Markle showed her true colours. He no longer has any respect from most of his old friends. He had to ditch them because his wife didn’t like their opinions.

When you look at Meghan Markle’s past behaviour with Prince Harry, such as the constant hand-holding, the clawing, the pulling him back from conversations, etc, he’s brainwashed to see everything her way. His needs and wants don’t matter. She is the one making the world a better place. She is his new mother on Diana’s orders. He is making up for not saving her the “first time.”

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