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Why Do Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have To Constantly Lie?  – OPINION

Why do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle insist on lying about everything? Don’t they realise that people have a right to ask questions about Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor? Why do they hate the Royals, but demand their children be Prince and Princess? It’s all so baffling, isn’t it?

To lie is to hide something. What are Prince Harry and Meghan trying to cover up? That’s what we’re trying to work out, even in today’s climate where they’re approval ratings are in the toilet. They’d claim that it’s the ‘British press’ trying to defame them and try to prove they are victims. However, we know how well that worked out, thanks to eagle eyed viewers of their interviews and docuseries. Most of the publications that have published negativity about them came from non-British media.

Take the headlines from the Oprah Interview as one example. Most of the ‘racist’ and ‘negative’ headlines were edited from Australian and American publications, not British ones. Also, their lies have multiple versions, i.e. the miscarriage where there are three different iterations. One from Meghan, another from Harry and a third from Abigail Spencer.

If Harry and Meghan can stretch the truth, what else can they lie about? This piece is solely our OPINION.

The Family Lie: What Did Meghan Tell Trevor Engelson And Prince Harry?

Let’s start at the beginning, well as far back as we can go without venturing pre-Trevor Engelson or Prince Harry.

During his 2011 wedding speech, Trevor Engelson, said his family would be ‘the family she never had’. This caused Meghan’s parents, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland, to look at each other. What had their daughter told her new husband about them?

Tom Bower wrote in Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors that Meghan had a privileged childhood. She got to hang out on the set of Married… With Children, as a weekly treat with her lighting director father. After weekend activities, she would with her father to expensive restaurants, such as Musso & Frank.

Fast-forward a few years after Meghan’s divorce from Trevor and she’s engaged to Harry. He makes the same proclamation that her previous husband did about his family being ‘the family she never had.’

Our guess is that she told both men that she was neglected and poor as a child. She might’ve given herself away in her own lie when she wrote to the United States Congress that she had been so improvised that she’d had to eat at the $4.99 salad bar at Sizzler.

There is thing that doesn’t add up if it is true. If Meghan were neglected, why does she still have a relationship with her mother?

Another aspect we need to consider is more serious. Could Meghan have told both husbands that she was abused? It’s not outside the realm of possibility. It would explain why Harry has never met Thomas and only knows Doria.

However, the abuse narrative doesn’t work for Trevor. Why? Well, he had a relationship with both Thomas and Doria. It’s entirely possible that Meghan told different stories. If this is the case, it would be impossible for anyone to compare notes.

The Milkshake Story

Let’s jump forward to the ridiculous milkshake story Meghan told at the Invictus Games. This has to be a lie but let us explain our thoughts.

Meghan was absent from the early events of the Invictus Games in Germany because, according to her, she had to get milkshakes for Archie and Lilibet.

Okay, well does she not realise how unrealistic this story is? A one-way trip from California to Düsseldorf is 12 to 14 hours, depending on where in Cali she’s coming from. Did she fly from LAX? San Francisco? San Diego? Also, where did she ‘buy’ the milkshakes from? If she drove to the closest In-N-Out, to buy the milkshakes, she would have to wait, pick them up, drive back to the house, drop them off and then rush to the airport.

Then, there’s the waiting around the airport for the private jet or commercial plane or whatever she took to be ready. The flight would’ve been at least 12 hours, depending on departure time, weather, etc.

If there were milkshakes, it would have been easier to make them at home rather than go out and buy them. Also, what two-year-old (which is how old Lili was at the time) drinks a full milkshake on their own? A four-year-old couldn’t drink a full one.

Why Do Prince Harry And Meghan Make Their Children Sound Like Geniuses?

This next lie has always confused us as it concerns both Meghan and Prince Harry when it comes to their children. This clearly aren’t around their kids a lot if they’re claiming Archie and Lili are doing this no other child their ages are capable of doing.

Let’s look at the few things they have said about Archie and Lilibet that have raised eyebrows.

First Words

Does anyone think it is odd that Harry told James Corden that Archie’s first word was a three-syllable word like crocodile? He and Meghan then changed their tunes and said that their son’s first word was ‘Granny Diana’ or ‘Grandma Diana’ to fit with their Diana obsession. Someone on the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit page from another one. Archie allegedly said Dada as his first word. So, which is it? Crocodile? Grandma Diana? Dada?

Full Sentences

Meghan claimed in Nigerian that Lili said a whole sentence at just two years old. As someone who has a young cousin the same age, we can guarantee that Lili did not say a whole sentence.

At even two years old, kids can say a handful of words at best.

Spencer Genes

During the Netflix docuseries, Harry and Meghan made a big deal out of Lilibet, in particular, having the Spencer genetics of the ‘blue, blue eyes’. Archie, to Meghan’s apparent regret, looks like her (as per Harry’s comment).

Most babies’ genetic change over time. For example, we were born with blonde hair and we’re now brunette. It’s normal.

It’s almost like Harry and Meghan believe that their daughter is Diana reincarnated. Okay, Diana was blonde with blue eyes. William has blue eyes. Lili, allegedly, has red hair.

We know that every change Harry gets, he orders magazines to give him the same ‘blue, blue eyes.’ See his People Magazine cover for more details on that.

Harry, Working Royal
[Credit: People Magazine]

However, there is a slight issue with that. There is a photo of Meghan holding both kids and the girl was not only missing an ear, but her hair was brown, not red. Also, in the same picture, Archie has brown hair.

Catherine Photoshop Meghan
[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Harry Blames William And Catherine For The Nazi Uniform

In Spare, Harry takes a swipe at William and Catherine for the Nazi uniform mishap. What he forgets is that he was a grown man who could make his own decisions.

There is no way William would have laughed at the idea of his brother wearing the Nazi uniform. It’s no secret that the Royal Family’s last name was changed from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which is German to Windsor.

Also, Edward VIII or the Duke of Windsor took his wife, Wallis Simpson to meet Adolf Hitler so she could experience a royal tour. It was also known, thanks to Vanity Fair, that the former king was a Nazi Sympathiser.

Nazi Germany was a sore subject for the royals. William is a smart guy and would’ve known this even as a young adult. So, why would he and Catherine encourage Harry to wear a Nazi Uniform?

All Harry thrives off is trying to smear his brother’s name and to make him as unpopular as their father was when their mother died. However, his actions are predictable. People see through it and Harry and Meghan wonder why people don’t like them.

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