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ESPN Defends Their Decision To Give Prince Harry The Pat Tillman Award, Despite Backlash  – OPINION

Pat Tillman award

Prince Harry probably doesn’t know who Pat Tillman was, what he did, or what the newest award he is getting is about. After all, he told a crowd that the NFL was stolen from Britain’s Rugby. ESPN has defended its decision to give the runaway royal the accolade This has, understandably, been a sore spot for many people.

One of the people upset by the decision to give Harry the award is Mary Tillman, Pat’s mother. Even she knows he is a controversial and divisive figure. She was not told of ESPN’s decision to give the prince the award. Also, the petition that has been started has reached over 30k signatures the last time we checked.

ESPN said that they are defending their decision of the work that the Invictus Games does for military veterans.

Okay, if it were about the Invictus Games, wouldn’t they have acknowledged the organisation and not Harry, specifically? Make that make sense, please. ESPN has told the public to “deal with it” as they will not revoke the Pat Tillman award. This is a slap in the face for people who deserve it.

There have been plenty of people who have said this latest award grab was yet another pay-for-play by the Sussexes. They have done this with the NAACP, the Ms Foundation, the RFK Civil Rights Award and the Living Legends of Aviation.

A small update: Prince Harry was surprised at the backlash. We’ll cover this in another post.

Can’t Win Real Awards Without Having To Pay People To Give You Things

Let’s break down the awards from what we know. We’ve covered most of the pay-for-play events as they happened, especially the aftermath of the Ms Foundation award with the car crash that the NYPD and the mayor’s office said never happened.

Anyway, let’s begin with The Living Legends of Aviation award, which was given to Harry by John Travolta.

Harry Has Done What Exactly For Aviation?

Harry swiped at John for ‘dining out’ on his dance with Princess Diana. Travolta danced with the late Princess of Wales once at the White House. He was famous for his acting roles. Not because he danced with one of the world’s most photographed women of the 80s.

According 2Taz made a great point in a recent video. She said that during this event Harry sounded possessive of his mother. We hadn’t thought of it that way. So, no one else can have memories of Diana? Does that include William who was older and spent far more time with her?

Let’s not forget that Harry doesn’t know how to fly. He failed his pilot’s licence several times.  Also, what has he done for the aviation industry? We think he’s jealous of William and their father for being qualified pilots.

What Car Chase?

Next up, we have the car chase in New York after The Ms Foundation Awards where Meghan was given an award for doing nothing.

Anyway, the award, which was paid for, was overshadowed by the ‘near cataphoric car chase.’ The New York Police Department and Mayor Eric Adams said there was no evidence to suggest a car crash had occurred.

There are CCTV cameras on every block and there are traffic cams everywhere. If there were a car crash through Manhattan, there would be coming.

Also, anyone who has seen New York traffic will know there can’t be a car chase, let alone one at high speeds, due to the consistent traffic congestion. It’s like driving through the Sydney CBD.

There was a demand from the Sussexes to Backgrid to give them their video footage only to be told, that just because they’re royals, doesn’t give them the right to order people to hand over their property. Given what we’ve learned in the last week about how Harry has been destroying court evidence, it’s no wonder that they were told off.

Backgrid had every right to tell them where to get off. If they had handed the footage over, Harry and Meghan would have destroyed it. Hmm. Where have we heard that before? Oh, right.

Tom Bower’s book Revenge claimed that Markle destroyed the wedding video and the photos of her first marriage to Trevor Engelson. The only copies that exist, belong to her father, who refused to give her the images and video, knowing she’d do something nefarious with them.


So, the NAACP is in league with Archewell and has an award tied to them. The first recipient of this award was a woman who allegedly believed in censorship. Those who win the award also receive a grant of some description.

Most of the recipients thus far have been people who have some agenda when it comes to social issues. Those who do win align with the Sussexes’ need to silence their critics.

RFK Human Rights Award

Robert F Kennedy would be rolling his grave if he knew that his daughter, Kerry Kennedy, had given Harry and Meghan his awards for “speaking up against racism within the royal family” only for the couple to backtrack and say, “We never said that” about a month later.

So, they get an award for speaking out about “racism within the British Royal Family” only to claim later there wasn’t any racism. All that was important for them was getting their award to add to their fireplace mantle.

Harry and Meghan want to be seen as humanitarians, despite sitting at their combined desks and their “thrones” and sending out their cronies, like a certain dude who is obsessed with micro-analysing photos released by the Waleses so he can scream “It’s AI!” at the top of his lungs.

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