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Prince William did the right thing when he wanted to explore his mother, Princess Diana’s downward spiral. Prince Harry, meanwhile, places their mum on a pedestal of greatness. Anyone who is anyone knows that the late Princess of Wales, was not perfect.

From a young age, she was forced to endure things no child should deal with, like the divorce of their parents. Or that one left while the other was not a nice person. Let’s face it, the last thing Prince William wanted for his kids was to be absent. That is why he followed in Diana’s footsteps and is an active parent.

The other parents are Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ school, see William and Catherine as one of them. They don’t see them as royals. Diana and Charles were as active as they could be in William and Harry’s school life. Even though, they were busy.

There is a famous picture of Diana running in a parent’s race. What people don’t realise is that Charles was also there and did the same thing. Harry wants people to believe that his father was this absent parent while his mother did everything else.

William Did The Right Thing Regarding Reviewing What He Knew About Diana

In his book Revenge, Tom Bower recalls that William hated his father for a long time. However, he says that William did the right thing in seeking the truth about Diana and her issues after her death. The current Prince of Wales wanted to understand the type of person his mother was outside of the picture she painted of herself in public.

William came to understand that his mother was not perfect. Diana had flaws like every other human on planet Earth. Yet, she played the victim when it was convenient, especially in the lead-up to the divorce.

Harry’s Creepy Mummy Obsession

Harry, meanwhile, paints this saintly picture of Diana in a downright creepy way. He believes Meghan when she claims his mother speaks to her via yoga or her grave at Althorp. We know Diana was spiritual to a degree as she knew someone who was like an advisor to her.

Since Meghan has come on the scene, Harry has been believing this hippy-dippy stuff when before he didn’t. In his controversial book, Endgame, Omid Scobie wrote that Catherine and Meghan were ordered to dress like their late mother-in-law.

There are some outfits that Catherine has worn which are similar to Diana’s. However, they are not a dead ringer. Not in the way Meghan dresses like Diana. We’ve explored this before, but here’s quick reminder.

Both comparisons of what Meghan is wearing are very similar, especially the first image. This would not be the only time she would do this. A dead giveaway, is this one:

Meghan Markle, PR Tactics
[Credit: India Today]

This outfit is a dead ringer for Diana as you can see from the one of the late princess. Sure, Meghan’s sleeves are a bit thicker, but it’s more or less the same. Is she trying to mind eff with everyone and is making Harry believe that his mum told her from beyond the grave to dress in this exact outfit? It looks like it.

William Would Never Accept Catherine Dressing Like Diana

Do you think William would have accepted Catherine dressing like Diana? No, he wouldn’t. The Princess of Wales isn’t hungry for fame the way Meghan is. She doesn’t actively look for the camera, has most of Diana’s good jewellery and she gets to wear Diana’s most iconic tiara, which was not the Spencer tiara.

What did Meghan get? The crappy stuff.

Would it be surprising if Harry calls Meghan ‘Mummy’ behind the scenes? No, it wouldn’t.

William Wants His Children To Know That Granny Diana Wasn’t Perfect

It is well established that Prince William is doing the right thing in telling his children about their Granny Diana. After all, Princess Charlotte is at an age now where she would want to know who she was named after.

While we don’t know how much of Diana’s past the children know about, but it is clear that William wouldn’t mislead them. Perhaps when they’re older, he’ll tell them what kind of person their grandmother was. But he could also stress that despite her flaws she was a good person and that is the type of woman he wants them to remember.

It is just a shame that the Wales children cannot share the experience with Archie and Lilibet. Harry and Meghan are bitter and they’re led by this narrative where they’re the victims of mistreatment like Diana.

Diana Was Her Own Worst Enemy

Here’s the thing. Diana was her own worst enemy. She would get herself into situations she couldn’t get herself out of it. One example we can is the situation in Switzerland. She had called the paps to get photos but she got upset when they wouldn’t go away when she wanted.

Harry claimed in Spare that William believed the media narrative about Meghan. However, if you look deeper into the Duke of Sussex’s claims, you’ll find he believes the narrative that was put out by the media about how hard done by his mother was. Isn’t this the same as what he said about William? Yes, it is.

Yet, it’s double standards. How? Well, Harry believes that his mother was a victim and that his wife is suffering the same fate and will likely die the same way. This, of course, is untrue. The paparazzi were not involved in the car crash that claimed Diana’s life. Meghan wants Harry to believe this, so he will stay loyal to only her.

William, despite his weariness of the media, does not go around telling everyone how much he hates them. He is polite to many of them. Rebecca English said on an episode of Palace Confidential that she had broken her toe on the way to an event with the Prince of Wales and when she got there, she was told to sit down. William went over and checked to see if she was okay.

Harry wouldn’t do this. He once told the press pack on the plane to an event he didn’t want them there. William would never do this. Harry doesn’t understand that without the press, his message would get lost in the wind.

Diana Wouldn’t Have Wanted Either Of Her Boys To Hate Anyone

Sure, Diana loved the media one minute and then hated them the next. However, she would have wanted either William or Harry to hate anyone. She would have wanted them to do the right thing and not use her victim narrative to make themselves victims.

William, again, did the right thing when he went on his fact-finding mission about Diana. His goal was to understand why she was the way she was. He didn’t see her as a victim and wanted to understand that she had issues she didn’t want anyone else to know about. Harry, however, saw similarities in Meghan and his mother where there weren’t any. Let’s not forget, she entrapped him by allegedly wearing one of Diana’s favourite perfumes on their first date.

Catherine would never have done that to William. If Diana were alive today, Meghan would not be in the picture.

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