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Why Prince Harry Likely Wasn’t Missed At The Duke Of Westminster’s Wedding

Rumour has it that Prince Harry was fuming he wasn’t given an usher position at Hugh Grovesnor, the Duke of Westminster’s wedding. We’ve said before, that it’s not a snub if you’re not invited. Our opinion is that he wasn’t given an invitation.

Honestly, we don’t think Hugh and Harry are that close. Also, what are the odds that the redhead wanted the Duke of Westminster to allegedly be Archie’s godfather because of a) the private jet and b) Prince William asked him to be Prince George’s godparent?

Harry is showing his envy towards Prince William. We believe along with many others that the Duke of Sussex has not seen Hugh in five years. Also, he has probably not met Olivia, Hughie’s new wife. Hugh and Olivia have only been together a couple of years.

Meanwhile, Harry has been frolicking around Santa Barbara and Los Angeles as the handbag to his money-grabbing wife, Meghan Markle. The man, who is almost 40, doesn’t know what he wants in life. He cannot be a royal, a lifestyle he has been accustomed to his whole life and continues to trash his family.

 The King Draws A Line In The Sand

King Charles III drew a line in the sand when it came to his youngest son: Don’t trash his wife. What does Harry do? He targets his stepmother, calling her a wicked woman who “sacrificed him on her PR altar.”

From what we’ve seen of Camilla, she is a remarkable lady with a great love of literature. There was a story many years ago where information from her first meeting with her future stepsons was made public. It had nothing to do with the future Queen. She had spoken to her private secretary, who told her media executive husband who informed a friend who worked in the media.

As per, The Telegraph, the private secretary was fired. It was an accident and not on purpose as Harry claimed in his book, Spare. Not to mention, the aide was later given her job back.

Also, the situation had nothing to do with Harry. The meeting had been between Camilla and William, the year after Princess Diana died. Why did he speak on William’s behalf? It’s doubtful that he would want this story twisted.

Camilla has never tried to be Diana. She knows that she is not William and Harry’s mother.

Did Hugh And Olivia Have To Choose Between William And Harry?

Okay. Here’s our thought on this whole thing. Hugh and Olivia likely had to choose between the royal brothers. Why? Well, William is less likely to leak stories from the wedding to the press. Harry, however, has already proved his disloyalty by putting out tales of what was allegedly said to the media, something he hates.

Harry’s complaints in Spare were that people were leaking stories about him. However, does he stop to think that Meghan might be doing the same? This is likely what Hugh and Olivia were concerned about.

The couple are private, despite their privilege. Like all aristocrats, they wouldn’t enjoy being embroiled in the drama set up by Harry and Meghan. Olivia is only new to the rich and prestigious lifestyle her new husband’s contemporaries are accustomed to.

However, Meghan has been dabbling in the upper crust of society for at least 15 years. After all, she is a member of the Soho House franchise, thanks to her friendship with Markus Anderson.

Hugh is one person who has kept in contact with both feuding brothers. His decision to not include Harry and Meghan speaks bigger volumes than the Sussexes want you to think.

Meghan is insistent on “correcting” any story about her, especially. She wants to be portrayed as this loving, caring and kind woman when she is the polar opposite. Tom Bower mentioned in Revenge that some of Markle’s classmates during her school days viewed her as fake because she was so ‘perfect’.

The last thing Olivia wanted was to be overshadowed on her big day. She would’ve been another woman that Meghan sought to devaluate. Moreover, there is no way Hugh would’ve accepted his fiancée being outshone by a woman she doesn’t even know.

Choosing William was the better option.

Meghan’s Track Record Of Upstaging Other Brides

Let’s take a jump across to Montecito for a moment. Meghan Markle is well known for upstaging other brides on their wedding days. Here are a few examples of this.

Princess Eugenie

The most famous example is Princess Eugenie’s wedding where Meghan ‘hinted’ at her pregnancy with Archie, by having her coat unbuttoned. It goes even further. The bride’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, was reportedly not happy.

After the wedding, Harry and Meghan went around telling people they were pregnant. Any sane person knows you don’t upstage the bride on her wedding day.

Lindsay Roth

One of Meghan’s longest friendships from her previous life is Lindsay Jill Roth, who works as a television producer.

Meghan was a bridesmaid at Lindsay’s wedding and she shared a picture of herself in her backless bridesmaid dress. We can see her grinning like the Cheshire Cat as she walks down the aisle.

Celia Woodhouse (née McCorquodale)

Next, we have Harry’s maternal cousin, Celia Woodhouse’s wedding in 2018. This was the event when she wore that dress that looked like curtains and the toilet paper hat.

Moreover, The Daily Mail posted an article with the headline, “Meghan Markle steals the spotlight at wedding Princess Diana’s niece.”

Daisy Jenks

You would think that would be more respectful towards Harry’s friends. Oh, no. She couldn’t give two craps about them. What do we mean? Well, Meghan wore black to the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks. It gets even worse.

Meghan flashed her lacy bra as she was walking into the event. She was wearing a shirt and skirt.

Lara Inskip

A famous example of Meghan upstaging the bride was when she allegedly showed up at Tom Inskip’s wedding in Jamaica, allegedly uninvited.

As per Tom Bower’s Revenge, Meghan had no time for the people who knew Harry well.

Harry’s Former Friends Would Have Ignored Him At the Westminster Wedding

If there is one thing that the elite are, it’s loyal to each other. Also, the pool of the affluent is very close-knit. If Harry hadn’t let his paranoia over “security” and “family tensions” get in the way of him attending the Westminster wedding, his former friends would’ve ignored him.

We know a group of Harry’s friends hated Meghan as it was referenced in Revenge. They saw her as a buzzkill who didn’t know how to handle a joke. Also, Tom Bower mentions that at Tom Inskip’s wedding, there was excitement to meet Meghan – especially from the parents who had shown Harry so much compassion as a teenager. They were disappointed when Markle acted ‘Princessy”.

Also, Harry’s friends at the Inskip wedding were confused by his sudden rage when he spotted a photographer. The mates started to suspect that Meghan had called the paps.

Not to mention, Skippy was one of the many people who tried to get Harry to think about his relationship with Meghan. As a result, he and his wife were invited to the wedding but were left upset when they weren’t invited to the reception.

Harry would’ve gone to the press and whinged about people ignoring him. He doesn’t realise that other people have feelings too and that they were hurt by his and Meghan’s actions. We know he is somewhat aware because he mentioned in court documents that he has lost friends, due to his vendetta against the media. Also, Phil Dampier made a valid point when he said that Harry relies on Meghan for his social circle now.

What Stunt Could Meghan And Harry Have Pulled If They’d Attended The Westminster Wedding?

Let’s have a little bit of fun. Let’s say that Harry and Meghan had been invited to the Westminster wedding. What stunt could they have pulled?

Hmm. Meghan could have worn a dress where she had yet another nip slip on purpose. See the Sidley Twins’ coverage of the Nigeria trip for details on that. She could have done her claw thing on Harry to stop him from getting reacquainted with people from his past.

Meghan could’ve worn white, a massive faux pas at weddings. Wearing black, as she did at Daisy Jenks and Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding, is also off-limits at weddings. It’s not a funeral.

The Sussexes could’ve had a massive argument that made international headlines that took the spotlight off the wedding.

Another point, Meghan could’ve called the paps as she did the Inskip wedding.

Does The Duke Of Westminster Tolerate Meghan For Harry’s Sake?

The answer to this question is unclear as we don’t know much about Harry and Hugh’s relationship.

We also don’t know that much about the Grovesnor family’s connection to the royals. They were close enough for The Queen and Prince Philip to attend Lady Tamara (Hugh’s eldest sister)’s wedding in 2004. We also know that the late 6th Duke of Westminster, Gerald, was a close friend of The King.

Then there’s the whole godparent thing. King Charles is the godfather to Hugh. Princess Diana was the godmother to Lady Edwina. Hugh is the godfather to Prince George and Archie.

There have been multiple accounts of Harry’s friends not liking Meghan. It is possible for Hugh to not like Meghan, but plays nice because he wants to maintain his friendship with Harry. However, we’ve said before that Harry and Hugh have not seen in other, likely since Archie’s christening in 2019.

If they were the super close friends Harry wants the world to think they are, why didn’t Hugh open up his home to the self-exiled prince while he was in the UK? Oh, right. Because in Harry’s mind, if there’s not top-notch security, Harry’s not interested.

Also, Meghan doesn’t appear to care about anyone, unless they can do something for her. Not to mention, she didn’t appear about how much Hugh was worth compared to Harry. The Duke is worth billions of dollars. Harry was only worth a few million in his own right which doesn’t include his inheritances from his mother and his great-grandmother. There was a claim that he never got money from The Queen Mother, but whatever floats Harry’s boat. He feeds off Diana’s memory like it’s a blood supply.

Are Harry And Hugh Even That Close?

This question arose when we went through Google Images to find an appropriate picture for our feature image. We found a ton of photos of Hugh and William together over the years, including one from Lady Tamara’s wedding.

But we cannot find any of Hugh and Harry together. Huh. That’s interesting. We know that various members of the Grovesnor family were at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The Dowager Duchess of Westminster, Lady Edwina and her husband were invited as were Hugh and Lady Viola, his younger sister. Lady Tamara did not attend.

The 6th Duke of Westminster, Hugh, Edwina, Viola and likely the Dowager Duchess of Westminster did not attend William and Catherine’s wedding, but Lady Tamara and her husband, Edward van Cutsem did.

Hugh and Viola were possibly studying. Hugh had just turned 20 and Viola was 19.

As we’ve said, Harry probably only wanted Hugh as Archie’s godfather because of his private jet and William had asked him first in 2013 to be George’s. So, we do not believe they are that close.

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