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The Different Variations Of Harry And Meghan’s Lies

variations Harry Meghan lies

We’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but haven’t found the right way. So, what we’re going to do, is break down the many lies told by Harry and Meghan and the many variations we’ve seen.

Buckle up, ladies and gents because this is going to a very long list of variations of Harry and Meghan’s lies. We will not be including rumours to this post.

How They Met

Okay, let’s start with a simple one. How did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet? No one know for sure. There are at least two variations and one is a lie. Though, we cannot be sure which one is the truth and which is the lie.

The Miscarriage Story

Now, this one is a big one. There are three variations to it, told by three different people. There is also additional information after the “miscarriage.”

  • Meghan fell to the ground while holding and changing Archie’s nappy – Meghan in the New York Times
  • Holding Archie outside the house when Abigail Spencer showed up for a tour – Abigail on Netflix
  • Harry claims it was the stress from Meghan’s fight with the Mail on Sunday over the publishing of her dad’s letter that caused her to miscarriage – there is no reference to Archie being present – Harry in Spare

Just a little bit of context via actual verified medical information. When a woman miscarries, they are NOT allowed to take the remains of their child home in a tiny package as Harry claimed in Spare they did. Tribes Britannia on Twitter found information that says in California, if a miscarriage happens before the 20-week mark, the foetus is classed as biohazardous material. However, if it happens after 20 weeks, the deceased fetus is classed as human remains.

Also, it is illegal to bury human remains on your property or in a public place. What makes the miscarriage story laughable is neither Meghan nor Harry have said how far along the baby was. Not to mention, the only people allowed to handle human remains (if the pregnancy was over 20 weeks) a re funeral homes and hospitals.

No Hospital will ever allow a miscarried foetus to be taken home by the grieving parents in “a tiny package” to be buried under a banyan tree, which is not native to California unless the Sussexes had one in their yard. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. If it did happen, it is medical malpractice.

Archie’s Birth

Okay, this next one is a doozy. However, there is only one version of the story. We’re including it because of how absurd it is.

According to Harry in Spare, Meghan was bouncing on a big ball as she was at the hospital in labour with Archie. Seems pretty standard, right? Oh, wait it gets even more idiotic.

Harry claims that he got high on the gas intended to dull his wife’s labour pains and that the nurses just laughed at him and Meghan rolled her eyes at him. Okay, no nurse would do that at risk of losing their medical licence.

Then it is claimed by Harry that Meghan was given an epidural and was told to get into a tub of water. Any woman who has had an epidural can tell you that you cannot walk after having it inserted into the spine. According to Yale Medicine, women usually have a ‘deceased sensation’ in their legs after having the epidural has been given. When a labouring mother is given the injunction, they need to lay still.

This Would Not Have Happened

When it comes to the actual birth of Archie, Harry mentions that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and he told Meghan to keep pushing. Okay, anyone with a brain will know that having the cord wrapped around a baby’s neck during birth is a danger as it is a choking hazard. A baby can die from suffocation.

Also, Harry and Meghan both claimed they were home within an hour of Archie’s birth. This would not have happened. Why? Because tests take longer than an hour to ensure the baby and mother are healthy. Most new parents are out of the hospital within 24 hours, but definitely not an hour. It’s impossible. Look at Catherine when she had all three of her children. She and William left the hospital within 6 or so hours. Apparently Meghan has super healing and Archie doesn’t need tests because he’s super baby.

Inconsistancy In Spare

Harry claims in Spare also that the epidural didn’t take effect and it had to be done again. We couldn’t find anything about whether an epidural can be given a second time if it doesn’t work the first time. However, we did find as per Healthline, that the epidural can last for hours.

That brings us to the inconsistency. Harry claims Meghan was given the epidural, and put into the pool of water, but then ends up back on the bed. This would not have happened as, again, she would not have been able to walk. She would not have total control of her bowel or be able to walk properly – a big thank you to the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit for finding this.

Who Made Who Cry

Okay, there are three versions of the crying that allegedly happened before the wedding.

Harry would have been forced to repeat Meghan’s statement because he’d probably get yelled at if he didn’t.

Also, Omid stating that there was no crying would have come straight from Meghan (and Harry) since we know they all worked on the book.

Archie’s First Word

There are two variations of this massive lie from Harry and Meghan. There are two different stories about what Archie’s first word was.

What toddler can say three syllables?

Who Harry Praises For Telling Him To Get Mental Health Help

There are three variations of who Harry praises for telling him to get mental health assistance.

Harry, who has admitted openly to taking drugs, seems to forget what he said about William, telling him to get mental health help. He also forgets that he, William and Catherine started HeadsTogether and that Meghan was on board for the launch of Shout, a mental health texting service, of which Harry, Catherine and William were all a part.

Not to mention, so many other members of his family have had mental health issues. Diana threw herself down the stairs while she was pregnant with Prince William, hoping to miscarry in order to get Charles to listen to her.

Even Princess Margaret had issues.

Meghan Didn’t Know Who The Royals Were

This one is solely about Meghan and there are numerous variations of this lie. Markle claims not not know much about Harry or his family. Others who knew her years ago have a very different recollection.

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