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Chronicles Of Harkle: Why Don’t Harry And Meghan Stop Their Rabid Fanbase From Attacking Other Public Officials?

girls with signs on protest against russian war on ukraine

The fanbase of the Sussexes needs a new hobby – Why can’t the Sussex Squad learn to knit or do something constructive? I have been following developments on this devious pack of ingrates. There are a couple of things that came out. The first is their attack on the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, for not responding to Harry and Meghan’s message of support.

The reason they’re upset is that Zelenskyy responded in kind to William and Catherine’s tweet but not Harry and Meghan’s Archewell word salad. Royal reporter Richard Eden tweeted about this.

Kudos to Richard for calling out the rabid human beings who call themselves compassionate. Yet, they dox people. Take a look at my friend Sue’s newest video for information on this.

Anyway, LifeAccordingToMee made an interesting observation. Zelenskyy didn’t even acknowledge Miley Cyrus. Cyrus has had to work hard for her money. Her famous family wasn’t going to pay for her lifestyle.

Harry and Meghan are always preaching to us and their idiot fanbase about the importance of “compassion in action,” as they call it. Okay, well, if they believed their own words, they would speak up about the harassment their fans have pushed upon others. However, they haven’t and seem to be egging on the situation. Oh, wait. They don’t know what’s going on as they don’t have social media. I and so many others call BS on this one. Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand said in Finding Freedom that Harry had a secret Instagram. It’s also been speculated that he once had a Facebook account.

Not to mention, before she married Harry, Meghan was incredibly active on social media. Her Instagram account had over a million followers.

Fanbase Needs To Realise Doxxing And Harassing People Is Not Compassionate, And The Sussexes Don’t Care

The second thing I want to talk about is Harry and Meghan could not care less about their fanbase. They don’t do their research about the things they’ve done to others. If they did, they’d tell them to stop doxxing and bullying those who don’t like them. Also, it goes against everything they claim to uphold a la kindness and compassion. They do not possess such things, nor do they believe in it. If they did, they wouldn’t have gone to Oprah and bitched while Prince Philip was on his deathbed.

Then came the story claiming that Meghan thought that the Duke of Edinburgh’s illness was being used to muzzle her when it wasn’t. Prince Philip being sick had nothing to do with her. Let’s not forget she told Oprah, “Oh! I love grandmothers!” when she speaks about Her Majesty The Queen.

Okay, if she did care about The Queen, she would not have tried to push her aside and modernise it to the point of it becoming non-recognisable. In order words, be the face of the monarchy. Sorry, but just because you got everything in your previous life, you have to get used to being told “no.” There is a process, and Meghan didn’t like that there were so many things she could talk about that weren’t political.

Returning to the Sussex Squad, they can claim they’re doing everything in Meghan and Harry’s name to shut down all negativity, but the couple doesn’t care. If anything, they’re encouraging them to even go after children. This is NOT on. Harry is so far gone that he’s okay with his evil fanbase attacking his nephews and niece.

Compassionate They Are Not

Harry and Meghan talk a big game when they say “Compassion in Action.” However, they are NOT compassionate themselves. There is such a big list of misdeeds these two have done over the last five years while both in and out of the monarchy that it could be a whole separate post, which I’m not willing to do as I’ve written about their actions a million times. Let’s say I’m as sick of it as you guys are.

Compassion is something that needs to be practiced, not preached. Over the time I’ve written about the misadventures of the Harkles, I’ve seen a pattern of preachy and entitlement that appears to be a trait of second-born royals. I’m not including Princesses Anne and Margaret. The Princess Royal is the hardest working royal. Meanwhile, the late former Countess of Snowden had issues, but she supported her sister’s reign, even if her own lifestyle wasn’t the greatest.

I’m only including the second-born sons, i.e. Harry and Andrew. Both are spoilt and enjoyed the perks but not the role they were born into. Neither enjoys having to suck up to their older brothers. However, Diana only had two children whereas The Queen had four. This means that Princess Anne could slip in between her older and younger brothers if she had to. Edward could probably do the same thing if he had to help Anne, however, he probably chooses to remain out of issues that don’t concern him.

In conclusion, Harry and Meghan need to reevaluate how they see the world. If they don’t then their popularity will only plummet further. Not in the UK because people’s love for them is no longer existent. People aren’t loving them in the US either. After all, Catherine beat Meghan in an American poll.

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