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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Is Meghan The Reason There’s A Spike Of Crime Sprees In Montecito?

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There is a new rumour that the mattress actress (thanks, Meghan’s Mole), Meghan Markle, could be indirectly responsible for the rise in crime in Montecito. MarkleNews 1 on Instagram posted a comment from someone identifying as Bears Lair on a forum that looks like Reddit. Whether it is, we dunno.

According to this rumour, the rise in crime, such as burglary and break-ins, rose when Meghan started “leaving her mark” in Montecito. For those who might not be aware, Montecito is a gated community where many celebrities are known to live.

Since Meghan and Harry moved to the area in 2020, they have been in the media nonstop, whinging and complaining. Also, California is well-known to the public for having a high crime rate. The stats below are for 2021 but can relate to recent times.


According to the rumour, Meghan constantly calls the police, reporting that her privacy has been invaded by people like the paps, etc., even though she calls the photographers to make her “brand” visible, but then proceeds to complain about something she orchestrated herself. People are sick of it. Also, it is alleged that the criminals are coming from out of town.

Meghan And Harold v. Orlando And Katy

Allegedly, many celebrities have sold their houses because their privacy is at risk because of Meghan’s constant need to call the paps. Speaking of famous people, the rumour about the Sussexes’ beef with Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry has resurfaced. Given it’s not enough to put in a single post on its own, we thought we’d post it here.

Moving away from the crime element, Meghan and Harry have a beef with an actual A-list couple, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry. Allegedly the former actress has been pissed at Katy for five years since she dissed Meghan’s 2018 wedding dress. On the other hand, Harry is pissed at Orlando for voicing him in the now-cancelled adult animated series, The Prince.

Seriously? As much as I hated The Prince as it took jabs at the Waleses (then the Cambridges) and insinuated that Prince Philip was an old fossil, it did get one thing right; Harry is a git with no outside world experience.

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