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The Sussexes Are Continuing To Push The Meghan Is Nigerian Angle – Why? – OPINION

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Prince Harry is embracing Meghan Markle’s Nigerian heritage it would seem. But hang on. What heritage? Meghan hasn’t got roots there at all. For our longtime readers, you all know what’s going on. However, for those who are new here, let’s step back for a second.

In 2022, Meghan announced on an episode of Archetypes (her then-Spotify podcast), featuring Ziwe and Issa Rae, talking about the trope of ‘Angry black woman’, that she was 43% Nigerian due to a genealogy test.

All About Meghan AKA Me Me

Meghan’s podcast was all about her and in every episode, she needed a way to connect with her guests. For example, she blew up a story during the premiere episode where she claimed her infant son, Archie, had almost been killed in a fire during the South African tour. This jumped off the back of Serena Williams discussing how her eldest daughter, Alexis, fell out of her highchair and broke her arm.

The way Meghan spoke about the fire, it was like the whole room had gone up in flames when in reality, it had been a smoking heater. Now, even this is questionable as the day was rather warm, so why was there an operating heater in Archie’s room on a hot day?

Another example is during the Dragon Lady episode where Meghan claimed as a preteen she had to get naked at a Korean Spa. This would have been illegal as she was not an adult. Also, it has been pointed out, by Meghan’s Mole on Twitter that Markle stole the story from an episode of the Netflix series, Big Mouth.

To Feel Like Meghan Fits In

The Meghan is Nigerian story is a lie so she could fit in with Ziwe, who is of Nigerian descent, and Harry buys everything she says. Whether this was the reason why the Nigerians now have an Invictus Games placing is another story.

This whole thing is right up there with her claims that her classmates thought she was Spanish or Italian and didn’t bother to correct them. The reason we’re even talking about this is due to the new story that Meghan and Harry are going to Nigeria for something to do with the Invictus Games.

Meghan is a compulsive liar. Her genealogy has been done before and there have been things to suggest she has Nigerian running through her veins. It should be noted that when Ziwe asked what Meghan’s tribe was, she couldn’t even answer the question. If she had roots in Nigeria, she would’ve been able to answer. Also, she said she did the test a few years ago. Was this when she discovered she had Maltese roots, yet she used the whole trip to Malta as a photoshoot?

Meghan Isn’t Nigerian – The Proof Is In The Pudding

Another thing. Nigerian is a nationality, not a race. Does Meghan know what Harry said about Chelsy Davy not being a black South African?

So, why are Harry and Meghan using the Nigerian card when there is no evidence whatsoever? It’s quite simple. She wants to be seen as an ethnic woman like Hilaria Baldwin tried to do with her so-called “Latina” roots. But the issue is, she cannot answer simple questions about her so-called homeland.

Being Nigerian doesn’t make her less American. If anything, she is more American. The last time we checked, the larger number was more important. Again, we do not believe she is Nigerian. Don’t believe me? Stef the Alter Nerd did a video on this.

Harry is trying to make the Invictus Games look less “racist” and he’s using his wife’s so-called nationality to do it.

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