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Paternity Test: Is Bill Spencer Truly Luna Nozawa’s Father?

Luna and Bill learn the results of the paternity test. Dollar Bill Spencer is a father for a fourth time. Or is he? For long-time Bold and the Beautiful viewers, DNA tests are known to be a bit… dodgy. Just ask Brooke and Steffy.

At least Flo’s paternity test was done uniquely via an Ancestry site, where she matched with Storm, thanks to a family tree Donna and Stephen had put together years earlier. Having the DNA done this way was special because Storm died to give Katie his heart.

Moreover, why would Bill and Luna’s paternity test be any different? Li mentions that the DNA test she has is sealed. This could’ve been a lie. We know how much she hates Poppy. She could have botched the test to continue taking swipes at her sister. Would this be surprising? No, it wouldn’t.

Li’s Reaction To The Luna And Bill’s Paternity Results

However, it’s the reaction after the reveal that makes you wonder. If Li had tampered with the results, wouldn’t she be gloating? Also, what would she get from her sister getting her wish? Nothing.

There is still Poppy, who could be taking Bill for a ride. We cannot say for sure, but we know Li is wrong about her. Sure, Poppy is attracted to rich men. But, she has never gone after their money. If Poppy were like this, she would’ve demanded child payments from Bill long ago. She hasn’t and had raised Luna on her own.

Let’s hope that the paternity test wasn’t altered. Bold and the Beautiful already has enough drama on its plate with Steffy going after Hope for supporting Finn’s decision to be around Sheila. But that’s for another day.

Li had no right to insert herself into her sister’s paternity drama. She only wanted to rub Poppy’s face in the dirt if she had been right about Bill not being Luna’s father. However, she’s now licking her wounds because Poppy was proved right.

Also, there is something else too. Poppy never said that Bill was Luna’s father. She said he could be. There is a big difference in the phrasing. Also, if Li wants someone to blame regarding putting forward the idea of Dollar Bill being Luna’s father, she could be going after RJ. Why? Because he was the one who pieced it together. This is reminiscent of when Liam or Liam first showed up and Hope was able to work out, due to the sword necklace, who their father was.

It was not rocket science.

A Theory

Then, we get back to the Bill and Luna paternity situation. Let’s say down the line, it comes out that Spencer isn’t the father. What then? Also, Poppy ripped the results out of Li’s hands. She then passed it to Bill who saw the result before he gave it to Luna.

What’s more, is that is that it could spell disaster for Li if it comes out she meddled with the result. This would not be the first time Bill has been caught up in a paternity scandal. Look at what happened when Steffy was pregnant with Kelly. She slept with Bill around the same time as she did Liam. She did a test behind her then-husband’s back and all hell broke loose when he found the results. Their marriage was done by then.

Then, we have Flo. Her mother, Shauna, had flings with Storm and Bill when Flo was conceived. She didn’t know who the father was. It became an issue years later because Bill is Wyatt’s father and Flo had dated Flo when they were teenagers and slept together multiple times. It later came out that Dollar Bill was not Flo’s father as it was revealed via data Donna and Stephen had compiled of their family that Storm was the daddy.

There is also evidence from the most recent episode that Li didn’t alter the test as we thought. She looked overly shocked at the result. She wanted to be able to rub something else in Poppy’s face, but she lost the power to hold it over her head as she does with everything.

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