Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: Meghan’s Stalking Habit


There is nothing wrong with being inspired by another person, let alone a celebrity. However, it’s creepy when one starts dressing like them and copying their mannerisms. Let’s say hello to veteran celebrity stalker Meghan Markle, a former Z-list actress with no fashion sense of her own. She has made a living from stalking and copying famous women. did an article last year about some of these. We’ve always known about the copycat behaviour as the Duchess of Sussex is obsessed with copying Princess Diana and tries at every turn to discredit Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s style. We also know what Meghan thinks about Catherine.

As I said before, Meghan has no style of her own. Just because she wears ripped jeans, shirts, and shirt dresses, doesn’t mean she is an icon. Far from it, if you ask me. I wanted to address this because Markle has no shame, and it whips her followers into a frenzy like sharks at feeding time when they go after other women who they think are dressing like her. You cannot make this stuff up.

So, what I wanted to do is to go over a few of the celebrities whom Meghan has become a fashion stalker. I won’t include Catherine or Diana as we’ve already discussed them on the site. However, many of these are public knowledge, so please do not write in the comments, “Yeah, we know this!”

Meghan’s Stalker-ish Obsession With Angelina Jolie

There are a few instances where Meghan has become Angelina Jolie’s stalker. One is this outfit that Meghan wore during her engagement with Her Majesty The Queen. This was before Catherine, who had been a royal wife for more than half a decade by that point, had not done an engagement with the monarch yet. Unfortunately, I can’t add the second one as I cannot find the Angelina picture.

[Credit: Pinkvilla]

Meghan’s entire look just screams stalker. Going back to the engagement, she was supposed to wear a hat and didn’t believe the rule didn’t apply to her. I have seen close-ups of Meghan’s head, and it looks like she has horrible extensions or plugs. It’s possible she was wearing a bad wig. Who knows what was going on. Her stylist or whoever allowed her to go out dressed like Angelina deserves to be fired.

Angelina has always dressed for her body shape. Yes, she looks painfully thin at times, and this is not me body-shaming her. I’m just saying she is a fashion icon and has been for years. Also, Meghan sees herself as Angelina’s equal, which she isn’t. Finally, Angelina doesn’t publicise her charity work. Markle, however, needs to show people that she is doing the work she claims to be doing.

Michelle Obama – First Lady Style!

There is no doubt that former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the most celebrated African-American women in the world. She’s the first First Lady of colour and an absolute inspiration. She has a great love for the British Royal Family and was even caught on camera putting an arm around The Queen when no one was allowed to touch her.

The Queen, in her stride, embraced Michelle in the same manner. So, is it any wonder that Meghan would turn into Michelle’s fashion stalker? Of course not. If anything, there was every possibility that she would copy her at some point. Look no further than the oversized ensemble that Markle wore in New York compared to Michelle’s outfit that she wore to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

[Credit: MEAWW]

Michelle’s is a plum colour while Meghan’s is red. Many people have pointed out, and I agree, that Markle’s outfit is reminiscent of the suit worn by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie, Joker. Yeah, it’s no wonder the Sussexes got snubbed from Barack’s birthday party. Nor are they close, apparently.

Meghan has been obsessed with Michelle for years, and it shows as she was hoping to get an invitation to Barack’s 60th birthday last year, but it didn’t happen. Perhaps don’t trash the woman that the Obamas admire so much. Not to mention, Michelle and Barack are also friends with William and Catherine.

Kim Kardashian

Before getting all those facelifts, Kim Kardashian was seen as dumb as bricks, given her meme-able reactions on her family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, what people were not aware of was that Kim was smart enough to study law. She even helped get a woman out of prison. What people didn’t fathom was that she would become an inspiration to Meghan Markle.

As you can see from the photo below, Kim wore a white version of a dress that Meghan would wear 11 years later as the Duchess of Sussex. Kim wore her dress in 2007. Meghan would wear her darker version in 2018. We respect Kim for going into law.

[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

What’s odd about this is that the same style of dress would still be in fashion over a decade later. Looking closer, Meghan has more overhanging fabric than Kim’s, but it’s still the same dress in the cut. Ivanka Trump wore a similar dress to Meghan.

Ivanka Trump And Emma Watson

Meghan associated with Ivanka Trump during her days writing her blog, The Tig. Andrew Morton, the author of Princess Diana’s official biography and an unofficial one on Meghan, told the Mirror in 2018 that the now Duchess of Sussex idolised Donald Trump’s daughter. However, this came to a halt when Meghan said some rather unflattering things about her dislike of Ivanka’s father, who, by the time she became a duchess, had become the President of the United States. Here’s a selection of similar outfits.

[Credit: royalreplimeghan – Instagram]

Moreover, Tom Bower mentions in his book Revenge that Meghan was obsessed with Emma Watson. While it is not stated that Markle dressed like the Harry Potter actress, she wanted to ride on her feminist coattails.

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