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We Don’t Need Meghan Markle Talking About Herself Again

Meghan SXWS

Here we go again. Meghan Markle has bought her way into another event, acting like she’s important, and it makes us wonder what the organisers of SXSW (South By Southwest) were thinking. All she will do is talk about her victimhood and how she was the most trolled person on social media, if not the world.

Let’s backtrack for a moment and explain Meghan’s SXSW scheme. So, with everything going on with her royal in-law, she has to scrap the bottom of the barrel (so to speak) and find a gig that makes her look smart.

The SXSW event that Meghan is attending is a keynote speaking panel called Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen. We’ve heard of SXSW as a film festival but didn’t know much else. The Sidley Twins did a whole video on it. There’s other aspects to it too.

Not to mention, people are upset that Meghan will even be at SXSW. Anyone who has been following the Sussex trainwreck for years knows about the One Young World speech she delivered, where she mentioned herself 54 times in minutes. The reason people were ticked was because she was there to support the charity, not to talk about herself. She and Harry preach about “service is universal”. But the issue is, they are telling other people to do the world while tell us all how to do it.

The SXSW panel will take place on (ironically) International Women’s Day, Meghan’s favourite annual holiday, where she has to remind everyone she’s a feminist and a mom to children no one ever sees. It should be renamed “The Day of Saint Meghan.” Though, it will give us more content. It will be fascinating to see how she holds up on a panel of women who are more successful. We know that she cannot handle not being the centre of attention at all times.

Not to mention, Meghan’s inclusion in this SXSW panel shows her hypocrisy. She wants to lead with kindness, but there is blackness in her soul. She hasn’t tried to stop her devoted cult of squaddies from creating baseless rumours about Catherine, the Princess of Wales and the late Thomas Kingston.

Markle would tell her followers to stop if she cared about anyone else but herself. She would see her dad before he died. We know all these things will never happen. All Meghan cares about is herself, and this SXSW panel proves it.

Not to mention, if there is one thing she and Harry want, it’s censorship. They do not want people voicing their opinions about anything. All they want is for people to think the way they do. Some do, but it is a minority that doesn’t even register as a blip on the radar.

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