Explaining The Swedish Line Of Succession

Swedish Line of Succession rules

The Swedish Royal Family has a line of succession where there are certain rules that need to be followed in order for family members to be included. We’ve all heard how King Carl XVI Gustaf wanted his middle child and only son, Prince Carl Philip to be his successor. However, the Swedish Government changed the law so that the eldest child of the monarch, Crown Princess Victoria, would become Queen after her father’s either death or abdication.

So, we’re bringing up the Swedish line of succession rules because of how Prince Joachim of Denmark complained that his mother, the former Queen Margrethe II, had taken away his children’s identities by taking away their princely titles. In Sweden, a few rules need to be followed for those in their line of succession.

The Rules Of The Swedish Line Of Succession

So, the criteria is simple. Children must be born and educated in Sweden to be eligible for a place in the line of succession. Also, marriages have to be agreed to by The King and the Swedish government.

Also, the only grandchildren of The King with the HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) prefix are Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. They are the children of Crown Princess Victoria. The six other grandchildren of the king, the children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine, have titles. However they do not the HRH prefix. This was done as a way to “slim down” the monarchy. Only Estelle and Oscar would be working royals when their mother becomes Queen. Or when they’re of legal age to serve the Swedish monarchy.

Princess Madeleine and her family are in the process of moving from Florida back to Sweden for her children to remain in the line of succession.

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