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The Acolyte: Are The High Republic Books Essential Reading?

High Republic books

Star Wars’ latest offering, The Acolyte, is now on Disney+ with the two-episode premiere. Set during the final century of the High Republic era, the show delves into a massive murder mystery, worthy of being in books.

The High Republic era made its debut in the form of books and comics, beginning in 2021. Given the codename Project: Luminous, the project was initially slated for a 2020 start date until the Pandemic wreaked havoc, causing it to be pushed back.

Ryan Arey of ScreenCrush states the High Republic era project began in 2017. Since the release of the books and comics, the era has been referenced in countless media. This also includes the Jedi videogames.

Furthermore, Cavan Scott first mentioned the High Republic era in the audio drama, Jedi: Dooku Lost. Moreover, the author has written books in the High Republic era.

The Acolyte – High Republic Books Essential Reading?

High Republic books
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Let’s dive into whether the High Republic books are essential to The Acolyte. The answer is no, not really.

The reason is that the show was in development around the same time as the publishing line. The production team was given access to the concept art for the books.

Also, the only connection from the High Republic books in the show is Rebecca Henderson’s character, Vernestra Rwoh.

Vernestra, in the books and comics, is a teenager who achieved Jedi Knighthood earlier than most Jedi do, as she is a prodigy.

So far, this has not been referenced in The Acolyte as she is not a main character, but a supporting figure. She is also 100 years older than she is in the publishing line. For those wondering what her species is, she’s a Mirialan, the same as future Jedi Luminara Unduli and her apprentice, Barriss Offee.

Vern’s inclusion in The Acolyte gives the audience a little detail about her species we’ve never known. The Mirialan species can live a relatively long time as she is 116. She has likely died by The Phantom Menace. Whether we see this in the show, is yet to be seen.

How Many Books And Comics Are In The High Republic Era?

For anyone who wishes to read the High Republic books and comics, Star has a whole article dedicated to the subject.

Finally, the Star Wars Wiki, Wookieepedia, also has a page on the High Republic books. We’ve linked in the second paragraph.

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