King Charles III’s Coronation Date Revealed And There’s A Fanbase That’s Not Happy


King Charles III’s coronation date has been set. The Royal Family Twitter account has announced the date for King Charles’ coronation, and there are people who are not happy. We’re talking about the Sussex Squad, but we’ll come back to that.

The coronation date has been revealed to be May 6th 2023, much earlier than it was speculated. It was rumoured that the date was going to be early June, but the Palace debunked the rumour fairly quickly. Camilla will be officially crowned as Queen Consort in the same ceremony.

Now, moving over to the Sussex Squad, they’re not happy because the coronation coincides with Archie’s fourth birthday which happens to be the same day. Now, we’ve done a satire piece on Harry and Meghan’s reactions to not being invited to Charles and William’s coronations. However, what the Squad don’t realise is May 6th is a relevant date in royal history.

May 6 is the day that the late Queen’s grandfather, King George V, ascended the throne in 1910. Want proof? Here’s a screenshot from King George V’s Wikipedia page.

Screenshot From King George V’s Wikipedia Page

The Sussex Squad are so dense and uneducated that they believe anyone who uses something the Sussexes have some link to, that it’s mindboggling. What are they going to do about it? Claim NO ONE can use the date because it’s “King Archie” day? Save us the vomit inducing crap.

Finally, the only question now is whether the Sussexes will attend. Knowing them, they will probably come up with some excuse for not going like “Oh, it’s Archie’s birthday and we don’t to overshadow that.” The kid isn’t turning 18! We’ll have to see what happens and this has nothing to do with them anyway. It’s about Charles’ Coronation.

The Cut Down Coronation Guest List

What has been said is that the guestlist for Charles’ coronation will be cut from the 8,000 that attended his mother’s coronation in 1953 to just 2,000. Moreover, this is a sign that he is following through with his his slimmed down approach to the monarchy.

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